Monday, November 2, 2020

11-2-20 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Cheryl Chumley: Socialism in New Survey Again Gains Favor in America... and Here's Why
2. James Hirsen: Symbols Define the 2020 Election
3. Karen Kataline: Trump is a Force of Nature
4. Patrick Wood: Technological Book Burning Intends to Destroy Nations, Especially America
5. Lowell Ponte: I Want My Vote Back 
6. Rose Tennent: Biden Raises Even More Questions about his Policy Agenda

Socialism in New Survey Again Gains Favor in America... and Here's Why
By Cheryl Chumley

My new book Socialists Don’t Sleep: Christians Must Rise or America Will Fall, has some words of wisdom to keep America from the grasp of the socialists. A new survey from YouGov of 2,100 U.S. citizens ages 16 and older finds that the term "socialism" is being regarded with rising favor among America's more youthful population, the Generation Z-ers and millennials, collectively between the ages of 16 and 39. Blame the public school systems. Blame the media. Blame the growing secularization of society. Ultimately, blame the churches - and particularly, the Christian community. Here's where America's at, according to this YouGov poll reported by the nonprofit Victims of Communism: [more...]

Symbols Define the 2020 Election
By James Hirsen

In politics, meaning is generally communicated through words. However, symbols have become increasingly significant over time, especially with the advent of multiple social media platforms and limitless visual imagery via video. Persuasion is at the heart of any political campaign, and communication through symbols is one of the most powerful methods of persuasion a candidate can access. As it pertains to politics, the meaning of a message has a way of effortlessly emerging when presented through recognizable symbolic representations. Needless to say, symbolic communication played a major part in the 2020 presidential campaign for both major parties, and particularly for the presidential candidates themselves. [more...]

Trump is a Force of Nature
By Karen Kataline

The more adversity he faces, the more energized he becomes. Of how many can you really say that about today? Just think what he could do if he weren't dying from coronavirus (God forbid). Yet, millions of people are still cowering in their homes believing the fear-mongering and the death-mongering about the virus. The Left is determined to turn us all into "pathetic cringing little milk-sops." [more...]

Technological Book Burning Intends to Destroy Nations, Especially America
By Patrick Wood

Censorship is apparently as contagious as COVID-19 as more and more companies are engaging in a form of technological book burning. Instead of ordering people to bring their "evil" books to the middle of the street to build a bonfire, A.I. algorithms operate at blinding speed to make unwanted things, people or organizations just disappear. America was founded on the basis of free exchange of ideas. This is why the First Amendment was placed at the top of the Bill of Rights. Communication of ideas is essential to the health of a Constitutional Republic. [more...]

I Want My Vote Back
By Lowell Ponte

Democrats have always wanted to eliminate Election Day, and in 2020, with the help of mobs and COVID fears, they have succeeded. Our election is now spread out over weeks and months, during which almost 70 million Americans have thus far mailed their ballots in. Election Day used to be a secular "holy" day when citizens came together to enact the ritual of voting to pick our rulers. Democrats hated this, because if it rained on Election Day Republicans went to vote but many Democrats did not. The new switch to mass mail-in voting allows for easier voting - and more vote fraud. [more...]

Biden Raises Even More Questions about his Policy Agenda
By Rose Tennent

Many of Joe Biden's policy positions have a common theme - you won't find out what they are until after the election. The Democrat nominee was repeatedly asked to elaborate on many of his vague and contradictory policy positions, including his stance on climate regulation. As many Pennsylvanians know, fossil fuels play a critical role in our state’s economy - according to a recent study, a fracking ban, like the one that Biden repeatedly endorsed during the earlier stages of his campaign, would destroy around 610,000 jobs in the commonwealth. But don't worry, drill workers, maybe he'll teach you how to code instead. [more...]

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