Tuesday, January 12, 2021

1-12-21 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Judd Dunning: 3 Big Reasons Liberals are Wrong About Capitol Protests

2. Andrew Pollack: Get Ready for the Biden Gun Grab

3. James Hirsen: Fame and Misfortune

4. Michael Rectenwald: Capitol Riot Spells the End for Trump... But He’s Still a Hero to Many, So Why Not Start a Party of His Own?

5. Karen Kataline: The Corrupt Media Continues to Divide the Country

6. Daniel Greenfield: The Democrats will Go on Impeaching Trump Forever

3 Big Reasons Liberals are Wrong About Capitol Protests

By Judd Dunning

Context matters. Context is what truly holds the line on matters much greater than the politics of the day. As you will read in 13½ Reasons Why Not to Be a Liberal (and How to Enlighten Others), my new book is all about context. Context is the very soul of truth and facts. It's vital to our political ideology and our nation itself. There are three major contextual truths in relation to the Capitol Hill event that took place on Jan. 6, 2021: [more...]

Get Ready for the Biden Gun Grab

By Andrew Pollack, President of the Crime Prevention Research Center

Democrats now have single-party control of the federal government. President Joe Biden styled himself as the most moderate candidate his party had to offer. And still, during the campaign he promised to put Beto O’Rourke – the man who blurted out “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15s” in charge of his administration’s gun policies. Whether or not President Biden and gun czar Beto aim for a program of national gun confiscation, we should expect some sort of major crackdown against the Second Amendment and against our other liberties. [more...]

Fame and Misfortune

By James Hirsen

The start of the New Year confirmed to many of us that some individuals we thought we knew so well weren't the same folks we thought they were. Many of them appeared to have transformed into a new persona literally overnight, leaving people, who had supported, admired, and trusted them, in a state of disbelief, distress, and overwhelming sadness. The depth of duplicity to which they had sunk shocked us to the core. But it did something else too. It set us on a path to find out how human beings can cause so much hurt, do so much damage, and care so little about what they had done. I would like to offer one explanation, which is based upon my academic background and application of sociological, cultural, and media psychology principles. [more...]

Capitol Riot Spells the End for Trump... But He’s Still a Hero to Many, So Why Not Start a Party of His Own?

By Michael Rectenwald

President Trump is being vilified for events in Washington on the 6th and his future is unclear. But with a massive base of followers to call on, he can still play a hugely influential role in U.S. politics - if he wants to. Clearly, the word 'tensions' fails to describe the political situation in America. The contested presidential election exacerbated bitter antagonisms between the Trump contingent and 'the resistance,' rending, perhaps irreparably, what had already been a severely frayed social and political fabric. At a rally organized by Women for America First, the Eighty Percent Coalition, and Stop the Steal, President Trump delivered a typically provocative speech before an estimated crowd of 250,000 people. Commentators from the media and both major political parties have been quick to condemn the rebellion, but few have ventured to explain the event. Yet many factors contributed to the rage that fueled the siege. It cannot simply be attributed to Trump’s rhetoric. [more...] Watch Dr. Rectenwald on RT

The Corrupt Media Continues to Divide the Country

By Karen Kataline

The deep state and the corrupt media can't count or report votes fairly but they expect us to believe this Reuters/Ipsos poll: Majority of Americans want Trump removed immediately after U.S. Capitol violence. Snap judgements are the stock in-trade of the media and the Left. They are deliberately pushed to manipulate the public into believing that "everyone" agrees with their latest politically motivated idea, in the hopes that "everyone" will. Their tactics advance and elevate collectivism, mob rule (when it's their mob) and dismantle our treasured American tenants like due process and the notion that citizens are innocent until proven guilty. There's also the added bonus of smearing their opponents and further dividing the country. [more...]

The Democrats will Go on Impeaching Trump Forever

By Daniel Greenfield

Some suggested that the Trump era would fundamentally redefine the GOP, but it’s the Democrats that are actually remaking themselves as a permanent anti-Trump party. One of the first orders of business in the House was a resolution illegally calling on cabinet members to remove President Trump by using the 25th Amendment. Rep. Pelosi and the resolution’s author, Rep. Jamie Raskin, whom the media is touting as a “constitutional scholar,” know quite well that the amendment, introduced because of Eisenhower’s heart attack and JFK’s assassination, protects the succession in case a president becomes medically disabled. Proposals to have the cabinet use the 25th Amendment to remove a sitting president are sedition. Actually, doing it would be a coup. These terms being falsely thrown around by the Democrats would actually apply under the scenario that they are proposing. [more...]

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