Thursday, January 21, 2021

Character Assassinations - The Progressive Weapon of Choice

By David Horowitz

A perfect illustration of the dishonesty that has overcome and distorted our political culture can be found in a recent book by an Emmy Award-winning PBS journalist named Jean Guerrero. Her book Hatemonger is a book length libel against Stephen Miller, one of Trump’s key and most brilliant White House advisers, a classical liberal, whom Guerrero portrays as a “white nationalist” and racist. Guerrero uses me – or rather a gross caricature of me to tar and feather Miller, whose career I helped to advance. In Guerrero’s fevered imagination, I – an “anti-immigrant white nationalist” created Stephen Miller, and through him, “shaped Trump’s [2016] campaign,” and “was its architect as a central strategy of the new Republican Party.” (Hatemonger, p. 78) Like her whole book, this is a brazen invention. [more...]

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