Thursday, April 11, 2013

4-11-13 Updates

CTU’s Karen Lewis attacks individualism, school choice

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry isn’t the only one cheering for collectivism in education. Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis thinks that idea is pretty swell, too. Harris-Perry’s and Lewis’ philosophy of education is one of collectivism, indeed socialism. The rights of the individual do not trump the rights of the group, they believe. So parents should be denied the right to pick the best school for their child, and should be forced to send their kid to their neighborhood government school, because that school is the best option for all of the children of the community – according to the government. [more...]

Message from public school crossword puzzle: Conservatism ‘restricts personal freedoms’

Eighth-graders in Wisconsin’s Union Grove school district were assigned to fill out a “Liberalism vs. Conservatism” crossword puzzle, and they learned some new and very questionable “facts." Students learned conservatism is "the political belief of preserving traditional moral values by restricting personal freedoms..." Conversely, they learned liberalism is “the political belief of equality and personal freedom for everyone, often changing the current system to increase government protection of civil liberties.” [more...]

Superintendent’s shocking comment reminds us that school choice is an uphill battle

Is this really what the education establishment thinks of parents, particularly black parents? As Wisconsin legislators debate expanding the state’s parental choice private school voucher program, Racine Unified Superintendent Dr. Ann Laing’s shocking comments from the last budget cycle remind us school choice is an uphill battle. The fight is not just against unions, but the entire know-it-all education blob. Laing was filmed in December 2011 by the Milwaukee County Black Alliance for Education Options. During her appearance, she was critical of the voucher program that had been expanded to her school district and would begin later that year. But her criticism of the program went to a whole new level when she stereotyped black parents. [more...]

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