Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Robert Redford's Latest Film Romances Radicalism

Robert Redford has a new agenda driven film out. Unfortunately for him, the timing of his latest release is terrible. As the nation struggles to recover from the recent tragic events that took place in Boston, moviegoers have little appetite for flicks that are sympathetic to terrorism and its evil machinations.

Redford produced, directed, and stars in “The Company You Keep,” a political action thriller that is derived from a script, which was adapted from Neil Gordon’s revisionist novel of the same name. In the movie, Redford plays widower and single dad Jim Grant, who is an anti-Vietnam War radical and former member of the Weather Underground. Grant is being sought by law enforcement in relation to a bank robbery and murder.

For three decades, Grant has posed as an Albany attorney in order to hide from the FBI. He finds himself in the position of being forced to flee, after an aggressive reporter (played by Shia LaBeouf) exposes his true identity. Sharon Solarz (played by Susan Sarandon) is another fugitive who readies herself to surrender to the law. Replete with hippie-era cliches, the dialogue of the film puts a positive spin on sixties' radicalism. "We made mistakes, but we were right," Solarz says at one point. The line is reminiscent of an interview that Bill Ayers, former real-life radical and associate of President Obama, had given a while back to The New York Times. [more...]

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