Tuesday, April 2, 2013

4-2-13 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. James Hirsen: Jim Carrey's Career Sullying Stunt
2. Carl Schramm: Can Austin, TX Become the Dubai of The United States?
3. Joseph Klein: Anti-Gun U.N. Arms Treaty Ready for Vote
4. Kyle Olson: Chicago Teachers Union thugs Arrested for Assaulting Reporter

Jim Carrey's Career Sullying Stunt

Jim Carrey received a great deal of news coverage last week, following a posting of what was supposed to be a comedic video on the Funny or Die Web site. The video is titled "Cold Dead Hand" and features content that ridicules those who hold the Constitution in the highest regard and is dismissive of the Second Amendment. All of this is conveyed while simultaneously attempting to tarnish the reputation of the late great Hollywood film legend Charlton Heston. Like many of his far-left associates in Hollywood, Carrey is wildly out of touch with the concerns of the majority of the citizens of this country who do not have afforded to them the luxury of private security protection and must therefore provide such for themselves and their loved ones. Carrey made another Twitter faux pas, one that revealed that he himself has an armed security guard. [more...]

Can Austin, TX Become the Dubai of The United States?

A new book by Daniel Brook describes the “History of Future Cities.” Mumbai, Dubai, Shanghai and St. Petersburg, he argues, will model city life in years to come because they will be more able to attract smart people from all over the world who, congregating together, will make wonderfully creative places to live and work. The book will likely be greeted as further evidence that America’s salad days are behind her. [more...]

Anti-Gun U.N. Arms Treaty Ready for Vote

The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, which hit a temporary snag last week, is intended to regulate international trade in seven listed categories of conventional weapons, which include small arms and light weapons - for example, handguns and rifles. The international trade in these arms, which would be subject to global regulation under the treaty, includes all manner of “transfers,” which are defined loosely as comprising “export, import, transit, trans-shipment and brokering.” The objective is to prevent arms transfers that would enable the commission of genocide, crimes against humanity, serious breaches of the Geneva Conventions, “attacks directed against civilian objects or civilians,” and other war crimes, as well as the export of arms where there is an “overriding risk” that they could be used to commit or facilitate serious violations of “international humanitarian law” or "international human rights law." [more...]

Chicago Teachers Union thugs Arrested for Assaulting Reporter

The Chicago Teachers Union and the Chicago Police Department were obviously working in tandem last Wednesday, and EAGnews reporter Jeremy Segal was an unwanted party crasher. Why else would the police arrest two union supporters for allegedly assaulting Segal during a union protest, then turn around and let them go without pursuing charges? Segal was in Chicago Wednesday to film and interview protesters participating in a downtown rally against the planned closing of 54 public schools. [more...]

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