Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston Bombers' Chechnyan Past

“Victory or Paradise!” is the rallying cry of the Chechen suicide terrorists who took over the Beslan School and the Moscow Theater (holding over one thousand and eight hundred hostages respectively). Chechen terrorists acting from inside Chechnya launched more than 112 suicide attacks inside Chechnya and are still active spreading their movement outside Chechnya into the region. Likewise because of the devastating wars of independence, Chechens refugees dispersed all over the world - to Europe, Canada, U.S. and elsewhere. As refugees, they fled Chechnya and the surrounding region with deep traumas seared into their souls - death, torture, rapes, carpet bombings, complete and total devastation. A few of these became terrorist instigators and actors in Belgium, in France and now it looks like also the U.S.

The young men identified as suspects in the Boston bombings are Chechens who came here as children fleeing two devastating wars of independence in Chechnya. As such, they likely grew up hearing stories of Russian atrocities there and may have also been exposed to stories glorifying rebel fighters in Chechnya that have been involved in militant jihadi activities. [more...]

Anne Speckhard, Ph.D. is a professor of psychiatry, has studied the Chechens intensively, is an expert on PTSD and the author of Talking to Terrorists.

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