Thursday, October 24, 2013

10-24-13 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Lowell Ponte: Obama Ramps up the Nanny State
2. Rabbi D.B. Ganz: "Something for Nothing" Mental Affliction Makes Entitlements and Obamacare Possible
3. Joseph Klein: Samantha Power Faces a Moral Decision on Rwanda
4. Kyle Olson: Teachers Unions Oppose Bill Prohibiting Convicted Rapists from Working in Schools?!

Obama Ramps up the Nanny State

Progressives have long envied France for its 35-hour workweek. Mr. Obama has bested this. Thanks to the enormous shift from full-time to part-time jobs caused by Obamacare and the drag on growth caused by anti-capitalist Obamanomics, America's average work week has plummeted from 40 hours to nearly 29.5 hours... and millions now enjoy the leisure of having no job to go to at all. Laissez les bon temps rouler, Mr. President! [more...] See more about The Great Withdrawal, Lowell's latest book.

"Something for Nothing" Mental Affliction Makes Entitlements and Obamacare Possible

I recall a Harvard undergraduate student who recently volunteered to work over the summer for a Boston area non-profit organization. Its focus was the young mothers in the local hospital maternity wards who were illegal immigrants. (Presumably, they simply showed up at the hospitals while in labor, and were tended to free of charge.) This volunteer’s job was to inform those mothers of the many different government entitlements they could now claim due to having given birth and how they should go about getting the money. The people here (in Massachusetts) routinely elect politicians who always vote to fund illegal immigrants in the hospitals and all other entitlement recipients.

Now, significantly more money will be needed for Obamacare, which promises medical coverage for 43 million previously uninsured Americans. As if this weren’t enough, the President has already begun to propose yet another new massive government entitlement program, universal pre-school education. It bears mention that the amount of money spent in the U.S. on entitlements is simply unbelievable. I recently heard a report that over the last five years, the federal government spent $3.7 trillion on welfare alone. Over that same period, the combined amount spent on all U.S. education from K through graduate schools, plus the combined budget for all road and bridge building and repairs, plus the cost of all space exploration came to a total of under $800 billion. [more...]

Samantha Power Faces a Moral Decision on Rwanda

Following their visit earlier this month to Africa's Great Lakes region, which includes the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda and Uganda, members of the United Nations Security Council met to consider what they learned during their visit. One of the Security Council members reporting on the Africa visit was the United States. The U.S. report focused on the Rwanda portion of the trip, a country whose suffering during the 1994 genocide helped inspire U.S. Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power to write movingly about the horrors of that colossal crime against humanity and to speak out against the indifference of the United States and the international community as the genocide unfolded. [more...]

Teachers Unions Oppose Bill Prohibiting Convicted Rapists from Working in Schools?!

The House of Representatives just passed a bill aimed at keeping convicted sex offenders and violent felons from working in schools. As it heads to the Senate with bipartisan support, the teachers unions are now objecting. [more...] Watch Kyle Olson on FNC's Kelly File from last night.

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