Tuesday, October 8, 2013

10-8-13 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Obamacare - The Big Scare is Here
2. Phil Valentine: Government Shutdown: This Ain't 1995
3. Wayne Allyn Root: Obama is 100% American Born
4. Joe Messina: Democrat Double Speak
5. John LeBoutillier: Dissecting the Political Implications of the Government Shutdown and the Looming Debt Ceiling Battle

Obamacare - The Big Scare is Here

The big problem with Obamacare is no one understands it!  One thing that appears to be certain is families will be paying more than what was promised to them on Election Day.  One of the bigger issues caused by Obamacare is business owners are confused and afraid to grow their business.  As a leading authority on buying and selling businesses, I have my pulse on the emotions of the business community.  Unfortunately, many business owners are deeply concerned about the ACA and are making the tough decision not to grow their businesses.  Many owners are deciding to stop at the 49 mark and not hire any more employees.  Most businesses operate on a tight budget with minimal profit margins and they can't afford to pay out more money.  It's as simple as that. [more...]

Government Shutdown: This Ain't 1995

Harry Reid, Obama, and the rest of the Democrats made a gross miscalculation: they thought no matter what happened the American people would blame a government shutdown on the Republicans.  After all, they were working off the template of 1995.  But the template from 1995 is obsolete - in 1995 the issue was Medicare.  The Democrats had one talking point: "The Republicans want to cut Medicare and give a tax cut to their rich constituents."  You heard that from every Democrat at every turn.  Forget that it wasn't true; it was repeated so often - and never challenged by the media - that it stuck. The truth was the Republicans were merely trying to slow the rate of growth.  There was no cut in Medicare, but that didn't matter.  What mattered was Speaker Gingrich had become a lightning rod in American politics.  Even those who admired his guts and his leadership skills had a hard time dealing with his arrogance and his ego.  There is no Newt Gingrich to focus on in this current budget fight. [more...]

Obama is 100% American Born

Many Americans suspect Obama was foreign born. They are wrong. Boy do I have a story to tell you. I believe Obama is a fraud. But it has nothing to do with his birth. Obama's critics have it all backwards. They are looking in the wrong place. He isn't a foreigner portraying himself as an American; he's an American who fraudulently portrayed himself as a foreigner. I've heard the Leftists call me a "birther," but I'm not... never have been, not for one minute. A "birther" believes Obama is a foreigner, not legally qualified to be president. I have never believed that. I've always believed that Obama is 100% American.  I'm a leading critic of the President, but I've always believed him to be American born. He is as American as P.T. Barnum; and he lies and exaggerates like P.T. Barnum, too. Let me tell you the REAL Obama story. [more...]

Democrat Double Speak

The fine line between politics and reality has become so blurred that the truth couldn't be found in Washington if it was written on the Goodyear blimp highlighted with fireworks! I refer to this as "Democrat double speak."  All this coming from our elected leaders, such is our sad state of affairs. Let's take a look at this from the middle of the aisle. The U.S. Senate, run by whomever, has not passed a budget in the last 5 years. This is against the law! A Continuing Resolution (CR) has been submitted, again, because, did I mention, the Senate has not passed a budget in five years. And did I also mention that it was against the law not to pass a budget? [more...]

Dissecting the Political Implications of the Government Shutdown and the Looming Debt Ceiling Battle

On this week's POLITICAL INSIDERS, we try to figure out what is going on behind the scenes of the government shutdown. Is either side coming out ahead in this mess? Or are the American People fed up with D.C. in a way we have never seen before? And then we anticipate what will happen in the looming battle to raise the debt ceiling. To see the shows, go to Monday, Sunday, Pt. I, Sunday, Pt. 2.

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