Wednesday, October 9, 2013

10-9-13 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Rabbi D.B. Ganz: Classical Wisdom Opposes Obamacare
2. Ryan Mauro: Disturbing Facts about a Senior Homeland Security Adviser
3. Phil Valentine: Global Warming Hysteria
4. Kyle Olson: Common Core 'Specialist:' National Standards are Necessary to Combat Birthers

Classical Wisdom Opposes Obamacare

A basic principle of ancient Jewish wisdom (the Talmud) indicates that Obamacare will prove to be a devastating failure.  The Talmud teaches that when two or more people are both responsible for doing what either could accomplish alone, if they are not given specific work orders by a third party, the task will not get done.  This is because each person will be unproductive and wait for the other to attend to the matter.  As such, if the same job is given to both a single person and a group of four, the one person will likely get it done sooner, despite having one quarter the manpower. [more...]

Disturbing Facts about a Senior Homeland Security Adviser

The Clarion Project, the Center for Security Policy and the Institute on Religion and Democracy have published a shocking interview with Mohamed Elibiary, a senior Department of Homeland Security adviser. The Daily Caller reported on it yesterday. Elibiary is a member of the Secretary's Homeland Security Advisory Committee and founder of Lone Star Intelligence LLC.  He served on the DHS Countering Violent Extremism Working Group and the DHS Faith-based Security and Communications Advisory Committee.  On September 12, he announced that he had been reappointed to the Committee and promoted to Senior Fellow. He was also a delegate for Republican presidential nominee John McCain in 2008. [Read the interview here...]

Global Warming Hysteria

Is there any wonder that young folks are losing sleep?  Washed up rocker Bob Geldof continues to struggle for relevance with outlandish statements.  "We may not get to 2030," Geldof warned kids at the One Young World summit in Johannesburg, "unless something is done about global warming."  Geldof told the young delegates, "There will be a mass extinction event.  That could happen on your watch.  The signs are that it will happen soon."  This is the same hysterical nonsense that has been recklessly thrown out by global warming alarmists for decades.  The bad news for them is "soon" has come and gone a thousand times and none of what they've predicted has come true. [more...]

Common Core 'Specialist:' National Standards are Necessary to Combat Birthers

Are the new Common Core national standards nothing more than an effort to help liberal educators indoctrinate children into their political philosophy?  Michael Pucher, a teacher and "Common Core science specialist" in the Los Angeles Unified School District, recently claimed at a community forum that Common Core is necessary because of noted conservatives Donald Trump and Bill O'Reilly. He held up a piece of paper which he said was his Common Core "certification," and suggested it was proof of the program’s worthiness "for all the Donald Trumps out in the world." [more...]

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