Friday, October 10, 2014

10-10-14 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Wayne Allyn Root: Happy Anniversary ObamaCare, You're the Gift that Keeps on Giving
2. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: The Insecurity of WH Security
3. Prof. Paul Merkley: Some Sinister Logic in President Obama's Anti-ISIS Manifesto

Happy Anniversary ObamaCare, You're the Gift that Keeps on Giving

America observed the one year anniversary of ObamaCare this month. Just like some marriages, it seems like it’s already been decades. As FDR declared after Pearl Harbor, it's a date that will live in infamy. But the GOP shouldn’t run away from this sad anniversary; they should embrace it. ObamaCare is the Republicans' ticket to a landslide victory in 2014 and 2016. The GOP should scream about it night and day from the highest hill! We should celebrate this dismal anniversary. Never look a gift horse in the mouth. Here’s my advice for my fellow Republicans: Politicians and strategists from the GOP need to get out of Washington and stop listening to the mainstream media. The Kool Aid-drinking liberal media is either delusional or lying to cover up for the massive failure of Obama’s one and only "signature achievement." [more...]

The Insecurity of WH Security

Julia Pierson, the recently resigned Secret Service Director, had stated that she wanted to create a work atmosphere that reflected Disneyland. Unfortunately, this is the culture that has gotten our country into even more trouble. I struggle with Obama, his administrations, and his appointees' decisions. They lack real world expertise. They just wish upon a star; but when reality hits them in the face, and they fail, their ignorance sparks further reinforcement. In the past five years, 16 people were reported to have bypassed the fence surrounding the White House - including one toddler. While glitches in the internal structure of the Secret Service ultimately did lead to security breach incidences, I think Julia Pierson's ideological mindset holds a series of miscommunicated ideas that are rooted in something much more closely to realistic logic. [more...]

Some Sinister Logic in President Obama's Anti-ISIS Manifesto

On September 25, President Obama delivered to the United Nations Security Council a speech designed to win united action against the several Islamic-terrorist armies that are presently tearing up the borders of Syria and Iraq and threatening to obliterate all the neighboring regimes. What possible connection could there be between that incident in that small American city and the cause being pursued by the Islamic State? Islamic State/ISIS/ISIL/IS is only the most recent of an ever-ramifying thicket of Islamic-terrorist organizations, funded by the same rich Arabs who control the governments of the Middle East. [more...]

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