Thursday, October 30, 2014

10-30-14 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Dr. Elaina George: Playing Politics Can Be Hazardous to Your Health
2. Lowell Ponte: How the President Could Save the Democrats – and Himself
3. Joseph Klein: U.S.-Israel Relationship in Crisis
4. Kyle Olson: The Latest from EAGNEWS.ORG
5. Wayne Allyn Root: Vegas Oddsmaker Predicts GOP Landslide for Midterm Elections

Playing Politics Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Proponents of the Affordable Care Act are getting exactly what they wanted. They have declared victory because of the decrease in health care costs. What they fail to mention is the reason there has been a decrease is because people can’t afford to use their insurance due to high out of pocket costs. In this election season it is imperative to remember those who voted for this disaster without having read the bill; those who demonized people who raised valid questions about access to care, costs and rationing; and those who cried racism when valid points were raised about how the quality of care would necessarily drop because there was never enough money to subsidize a substantial number of the 30 million newly insured people. Those on Medicare need to remember that over 700 million dollars was taken from money that would have been used for their care to set up the unwieldy bureaucracy that is the underpinning of Obamacare. [more...]

How the President Could Save the Democrats – and Himself

Even now, with the election only days away, President Obama has it in his power to save his Democratic Party from losing control of the U.S. Senate – and save his all-but-destroyed legacy as president. In one 15-minute speech, he can restore confidence in America's stagnant economy and send the stock market skyrocketing upward by several thousand points. Within minutes he can trigger a tidal wave of new hiring, reverse the flood of businesses taking their jobs and profits overseas, and renew America’s spirit of optimism and well-being. Mr. Obama can instantly restore worldwide confidence in America's global leadership and have ISIS and other enemies scurrying for cover, ready to replace their black flag of terror with a white flag of surrender. How? [more...]

U.S.-Israel Relationship in Crisis

The Obama administration's contemptible hostility towards Israel has descended into the proverbial cellar.  According to an October 28th article appearing in The Atlantic by Jeffrey Goldberg, a high-level Obama administration official has recently added "chickensh*t" to other derisive terms used in ad hominem verbal attacks on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, such as "recalcitrant, myopic, reactionary, obtuse, blustering, pompous, and 'Aspergery.'" Prime Minister Netanyahu responded to the latest diatribe in his remarks to the Knesset on October 29th that "I am being attacked because I am willing to defend the State of Israel." [more...]

The Latest from EAGNEWS.ORG is a national, non-partisan organization devoted to school spending reform and ensuring that accountability and parental choice exist in public education. Here are some of their top stories this week:

Vegas Oddsmaker Predicts GOP Landslide for Midterm Elections

I publicly made the prediction of a GOP landslide forming weeks ago on hundreds of radio shows and numerous popular conservative Web sites. Because of the Obamacare disaster (massive rate increases and millions of cancellation notices coming for middle class America), I predicted a historic loss for Obama and the Democrats. That was before Ebola (and Obama's mishandling of the healthcare crisis) became the biggest story in the news. How bad will the coming election results be for Obama and the Democrats? The GOP is on the cusp of a landslide similar to the one I predicted publicly in 2010. Back then, I predicted the GOP would win 50 to 60 Congressional seats. The experts said I was out of my mind. The GOP won 63 seats. [more...]

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