Tuesday, October 7, 2014

10-7-14 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Lowell Ponte: Ebola Drug Shortage Raises Terrifying Questions
2. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Ebola Breaks out in Texas
3. Gerard Lameiro: America’s Greatest Political and Economic Lesson in the Last 125 Years
4. Joe Messina: Unemployment at All-Time Low - 5.9%?
5. John LeBoutillier: November's Crucial Elections

Ebola Drug Shortage Raises Terrifying Questions

Last August the news at first sounded almost miraculous. Two American health workers in Liberia, West Africa, had become infected with the viral disease Ebola, roughly half of whose victims die from internal bleeding. Both recovered, however, after taking a new experimental drug called ZMapp, a mixture of three different monoclonal antibodies that bind to the protein of the Ebola virus. Before the world could celebrate this potential cure for a terrifying, highly lethal contagious disease, however, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) put out an August 29 press release: "At this time, very few courses of this experimental treatment have been manufactured," wrote the CDC. "The manufacturer has indicated that the available doses have been distributed." A World Health Organization (WHO) statement noted that "existing supplies of all experimental [Ebola] medicines are either extremely limited or exhausted. [more...]

Ebola Breaks out in Texas

More than seven months later, thousands dead and growing, and an internationally declared global crisis later, the first Ebola case to happen within U.S. borders has occurred in Dallas, Texas. On his first trip to the USA, ever, Eric Duncan is also the first case of Ebola on U.S. soil. The kind man had been in Liberia and was probably exposed to Ebola when helping a pregnant woman with the disease after she was turned away from an overpopulated hospital. We've all heard over and over again how officials are on the lookout for containing the disease, but seriously... why has the public been so susceptible to believe statements about what officials say they are doing to prevent the spread of this deadly disease? Yes, Duncan was "tested" for Ebola before boarding his plane to the U.S., but these so-called tests are more like check-ups. Only if you’re vomiting, running fever, have abdominal pain, or are hemorrhaging would you be denied entry onto a plane. Such a test is really quite ridiculous, because the incubation period for this virus runs between 2 to 21 days. [more...]

America’s Greatest Political and Economic Lesson in the Last 125 Years

What is America's greatest political and economic lesson in the last 125 years?  Can you guess what it is?  What one lesson would you tell your children and grandchildren about America that stands out over the last century and a quarter? The Wall Street Journal recently took the time and effort to review 125 years of their editorials in the search for insight and knowledge.  They came away with a number of principle ideas and principle conclusions.  One lesson, in particular, stands out to me as an overarching theme for America.  Let's explore some of these profound conclusions and see how they shed light on today's challenges in America. Read more in my new book: Renewing America and Its Heritage of Freedom: What Freedom-Loving Americans Can Do to Help. [more...]

Unemployment at All-Time Low - 5.9%?

Government math takes on many forms. It could be the basis for Common Core math where 2-plus-2-plus-2 doesn't always equal 6. Just like 18% of employable people in the U.S. equals a 5.9% unemployment rate. The 5.9 % number is usually arrived at by simply looking at how many Americans file for unemployment every week - both new and continuing claims. You hear about the numbers of people dropping off the rolls but you never hear why. The assumption is that they found a job. Do you ever hear them report about the number of people who drop off the unemployment rolls because they ran out of time? Or the ones who got discouraged and gave up looking because they couldn't find employment. What about the ones who switch to disability because they are now having physical and mental issues as a result of their job search? [more...]

November's Crucial Elections

On this week's POLITICAL INSIDERS, we explored how anxiety over the decline of America might impact this November's crucial elections - and the unique Senate race in Kansas which features an Independent candidate who is polling higher than almost any candidate in the country. Watch our shows here: Sunday Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. [more...]

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