Tuesday, October 14, 2014

10-14-14 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Wayne Allyn Root: It's Time to Remove Obama from Office - Before He Gets Us All Killed
2. James Hirsen: Apocalyptic Themes in Films Reflect Tumultuous Times
3. Joe Messina: Are You a 'Purple Penguin?'
4. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Malala's Message: Fighting for Peace through Dialogue and Education
5. John LeBoutillier: Are American Voters Gripped by Fear Over a Weak Economy, ISIS, Ebola and More?

It's Time to Remove Obama from Office - Before He Gets Us All Killed

Mr. President, it's time to tell the truth about Ebola. It is far easier to become infected than doctors or health experts are telling us. We are told becoming infected is an extremely remote possibility. Really? An NBC cameraman got Ebola without ever touching a sick patient or entering the room of an Ebola victim. A nurse in Dallas got Ebola while wearing heavy protective gear. Over 200 doctors and nurses in Africa are dead despite wearing protective gear, washing hands with bleach, and knowing exactly what they were dealing with. Still, they are powerless to stop it. My book, The Murder of the Middle Class, focuses on economic murder. Ebola is the embodiment of this murder. An Ebola pandemic will kill thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Americans. But separate from the human tragedy, the economic cost will overwhelm and bankrupt our country. [more...]

Apocalyptic Themes in Films Reflect Tumultuous Times

A good amount of the entertainment content of late has been dealing with some type of apocalypse, in other words, an end to human civilization as we know it. The end of the world is a theme that has been finding its way into numerous modes of entertainment and a wide variety of genres. AMC's "The Walking Dead," which features an apocalypse of the zombie kind, is consistently at or near the top of the television ratings, including broadcast, cable, and streaming. The big-screen release "World War Z" followed the cinematic formula. No one knows when the world will come to an end. And although TV shows and movies may not always be the most accurate predictors, it wouldn’t hurt to be prepared - intellectually, emotionally, and even spiritually. [more...]

Are You a 'Purple Penguin?'

It seems a Nebraska school district is instructing its teachers not to use the terms "boys and girls," "ladies and gentlemen," "you guys," ...well, you get the idea. Why? Because they don't include gender non-confirming terminology which causes confusion for those few children who don't identify with any specific gender. Simply put, it's just not inclusive of all. To make sure that we include everyone and no one feels slighted, they have decided the proper inclusive terminology for young kids is to call them "purple penguins," ...because that isn't confusing at all? [more...]

Malala's Message: Fighting for Peace through Dialogue and Education

Recently, Malala Yousafzai became the youngest person to ever win the Nobel Peace Prize for her work in promoting children's education rights. She shares this honor with Kailash Satyarthi of India, who is not as well known in the West, but better known around the other side of the world for his campaigns to end child labor and free children from trafficking. What is necessary to become a success is a good education - a tool that further assists us in our attempts to obtain our life objectives. Education is the stepping stone to a better life; if everyone is educated, this world will be a better and more peaceful place so that more people can thrive by their personal preference in a labor of love and choice. Malala says, "You must fight others but through peace and through dialogue and through education." [more...]

Are American Voters Gripped by Fear Over a Weak Economy, ISIS, Ebola and More?

Are Americans now gripped by fear - over Ebola, ISIS and a still-anemic economy? Is President Obama’s handling of the Ebola crisis a sign of an absent, disinterested president? Is it the same as his handling of the ISIS crisis? Is he more interested in being the fundraiser-in-chief than the commander-in-chief? Are the Republicans poised to win the Senate or are they suffering for their refusal to run on an upbeat, optimistic agenda? This – and much more – will be discussed by the POLITICAL INSIDERS. [more...]

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