Monday, June 29, 2015

Lessons in Finance from the Famous

Success in the music, sports and entertainment industries is frequently marked by an increase in personal financial resources. The material enhancements often occur to such a heightened degree and in such a rapid manner that the celebrated beneficiaries are left unprepared to effectively deal with their circumstances without the assistance of professional guidance.

Many well-known celebrities have found themselves in financial ruin, despite having had huge amounts of money placed within their hands. Actor Nicolas Cage, boxer Mike Tyson, rapper MC Hammer, actress Kim Basinger, and singer Willie Nelson are a few examples of some of the famed individuals who unfortunately ended up with their balance sheets in negative territory. Sometimes this ill-fated phenomenon occurs as a result of a person having spent an enormous amount of money in an extremely short period of time, leaving the individual in a situation in which more money is owed than is held in his or her possession. [more...]

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