Tuesday, June 30, 2015

6-30-15 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: The Greek Time Bomb
2. Stephani Scruggs: The Truth about Fast Track TPA
3. Joe Messina: The Haters are a-Hatin'
4. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Is this the End of the Republican Party?
5. Crista Huff: Say NO to ISDS - Vote NO on TPP
6. Lowell Ponte: Obama's Terrifying Agreement with World Leaders Could Spell Disaster for Millions
7. John LeBoutillier: Will There Be an Iran Nuke Deal? How will the SCOTUS decisions impact 2016?

The Greek Time Bomb

Saturday, Greek officials walked away from debt negotiations and announced a referendum vote for July, 5th on the proposed debt repayment plan. In the interim week, Athens imposed strict capital controls. Today, Greece is due to pay the IMF 1.6 billion euro; however, default here seems likely. The Greek appear to be divided on accepting the EU's bailout plan: with it will come a salvaged economy, albeit with increased taxes and cuts to their much-loved pensions; but without it, Greece could be forced off the euro, and possibly out of the EU itself. Monday, with news of shuttered Greek banks, markets across the world opened in the red. Investors in U.S. markets were only slightly cooled by Greek worry, with the Nasdaq, Dow, and S&P 500 all opening about .7 percent down. European indices faced losses greater than the U.S., (2-3 percent declines) but overall, no major economic turmoil.  In this time of economic worry, investors are moving away from volatile equity markets and parking assets in stable U.S., UK, and German bonds, all of which have seen an increase in price, and inversely proportional drop in interest rates. [more...]

The Truth about Fast Track TPA

Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) is a piece of legislation that transfers Constitutional negotiation powers from Congress to the President who may use this power to negotiate any international trade agreement with any partner he chooses over the next few years (including Iran and Cuba) and to negotiate the agreements in any way the President sees fit.  Under TPA, Congress agrees to give up in advance the ability to change any existing or future trade agreement, even before Congress has actually read the agreements.  Instead, TPA requests the President consider 150 'negotiating objectives' on which Congress would like the President to 'make progress.'  The President is not required to actually accomplish any of these objectives and may ignore those requests at will.  In fact, the 2015 TPA bill makes clear that failure to achieve or make progress on any of the negotiating objectives shall not be cause for Congress to revoke trade authority from the President. Worst of all, by giving up its ability to amend or change any related laws and regulations, the President and the World Trade Organization decide to impose on the U.S.; Congress is also transferring its law-making powers to world courts. [more...]

The Haters are a-Hatin'

The same-sex decision should have been left up to each individual state and to their citizenry. There are plenty of people in the LGBT community who feel the same way but are ridiculed and verbally abused into silence for having this line of thought. Haters hating in their own community. In hearing the subsequent speeches and comments made by those in the middle and on the Right, I'm excited to see that a sleeping giant has been awakened. Many Conservatives (and even those in the middle) for years have figured government would get it right and people would do the right thing. But they are now finding out that many people just don't pay attention. As I travel around speaking to various groups, Christians and Conservatives always say, "They are doing what?" or "That can’t happen!" Guess what? They did! And it is! [more...]

Is this the End of the Republican Party?

The evidence is building that the Republican Party as we have known it for decades will come to an end in 2016.  That's a big statement to make; but just look at the anger and frustration that voters are expressing now.  It's palpable and it's growing.  Over America's nearly 240 years, whenever the major parties have frustrated their supporters and have failed to provide solutions to problems sought by voters, the parties have suffered the consequences.  What's going on in the minds of citizens today?  What's going to happen to the Republican Party next year? [Go here for a complete analysis...]

Say NO to ISDS - Vote NO on TPP

I recently wrote about the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement's Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provision, in a letter to the Colorado StatesmanSay 'NO' to ISDS: Vote 'NO' on TPP. ISDS represents an unprecedented ability for foreign companies to sue U.S. states and municipalities in global courts, completely bypassing the U.S. justice system. Now that we've seen the U.S. Supreme Court's willingness to trample states' rights via their recent decision on gay marriage, the reality of potential ISDS lawsuits trampling U.S. sovereignty becomes bone-chilling. Don't let the Obama administration throw Anytown U.S.A. under the bus! Tell Congress to vote "NO" on the TPP. [more...]

Obama's Terrifying Agreement with World Leaders Could Spell Disaster for Millions

Greece, the Euro currency and Europe's entire economy may be slipping into chaos and dragging us down with them. After a fearful weekend that emptied the cash from almost half their nation's ATM machines, Greeks on Monday morning found their stock exchange and banks CLOSED and their accounts inaccessible (except for €60 per day ATM withdrawal starting Tuesday). Greece may have just reached the breaking point to which we are headed in the U.S. – a once-free market nation where banks are now required to report you to the government for making any unusual withdrawal; where banks may now refuse to let you withdraw your account in cash; and where carrying more than a small amount of cash might lead to government confiscation of your money via asset forfeiture laws. [more...]

Will There Be an Iran Nuke Deal? How will the SCOTUS decisions impact 2016?

Is the President caving in to Iran on the Nuke Deal? Is chaos now the rule in the Middle East? Domestically, the President had a huge week – from the Supreme Court decisions to the trade deal. What effect will this have? And the 2016 race appears to be in total chaos six months before the caucusing begins. This – and much more – will be discussed by the POLITICAL INSIDERS – live on Fox News Channel this Sunday evening – at 7:30 PM ET. [more...]

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