Thursday, June 11, 2015

What Just Happened in Las Vegas Could Destroy the GOP

Only Republicans could win a record-setting historic landslide and still allow liberals to control the agenda. It just happened in my hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. And trust me - it's headed your way. You need to hear this story, study it and get ready to fight it before it happens in your state.

It’s already happening on a national level. Republican cowards in Congress are backstabbing their own voters - the same loyal base that handed them the biggest victory in modern American political history. Or have you noticed any progress in stopping or even slowing Obama’s agenda since that landslide? Have you seen Congress cutting any spending? Cutting even one tax? Starving the funding for Obamacare? An end to the border crisis? Any attempt by Congress to stop Obama’s amnesty for illegals?

Worse, have you read about the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) mystery? Republicans are helping Obama pass major legislation that could kill millions of American jobs, yet they admit they’ve never read it. No one on Capitol Hill has any idea what’s in it. The full details of TPP are kept in a special guarded room. Why? Something buried deep in the details must be very very bad. If Obama supports it, it can’t promote free trade. It must support socialism, economy-killing climate change regulations and open borders. Yet the GOP is blindly helping Obama pass it. Great job boys! [more...]

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