Tuesday, August 25, 2015

8-25-15 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Wayne Allyn Root: "The Great 8" Plan that Wins the Presidency for Trump
2. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: China and the Stock Market
3. Lowell Ponte: Fed-Rigged Stock Sell-off Foretold in Don't Bank On It!
4. Dave Bego: Trump and the Dream Act - The Truth Behind the Nightmare
5. Joe Messina: The Iranian Lunacy Continues
6. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Democrats are Faltering, Leaving the Door Open for the GOP
7. Crista Huff: China and the U.S. Treasury Bond Market - the Investment Threat Nobody's Talking About

"The Great 8" Plan that Wins the Presidency for Trump

Trump wins the presidency if he lays out his vision for the first year as President. This plan contains eight simple, popular, east to remember solutions that Trump will fight for in that all important first year as President of the United States. Donald, if you're asked anything else, just keep going back to these eight simple points. Stick to "The Great 8" ...and the rest can wait. The average voter doesn't want to read detailed position papers. The average voter can't deal with too many issues at once. They want jobs, they want to keep more of their own money, they want to get rid of Obamacare, and they want to make America great again. That's it. [more...]
Check out Wayne's new book, The Power of RELENTLESS.

China and the Stock Market

What's going on with China? For starters, China devalued its currency recently.  That alone should not cause a stock market crash.  But, for some investors, the devaluation signaled that China's economic growth and economy might be slowing down.  Because China has such a large impact on the global economy, this action spurred fears that the entire global economy might get hit and there might be a global economic slowdown.  The Shanghai Composite in China fell 8.5% on Monday - a negative sign.  That adds to concerns for investors. How does currency devaluation impact other markets around the world?  When China has to pay more for goods and services, it has to cut back on goods and services; there is less money in people's pockets, so-to-speak.  If China, overall, buys less actual goods and services, trade revenues to other countries will decline, thereby impacting the global economy. [Go here for a complete analysis...]

Fed-Rigged Stock Sell-off Foretold in Don't Bank On It!

Global equities saw their sharpest fall since the 2008 financial crisis on what's being referred to as "Black Monday" - as an 8% rout in Chinese shares sparked worldwide panic. This sudden market volatility comes as no surprise to those who have read our latest book, DON'T BANK ON IT! or any of our previous five books or ten white papers on the subject in recent years. The U.S. stock market has been "levitated" and "rigged" by the Fed's zero interest rate policy (ZIRP) as "easy money enriched many stock market speculators in the casino of Wall Street, which has gone up while the real business economy wallowed or declined. The Fed has been a pusher, willing and able to give the stock market its needed fix of easy money. [more...]

Trump and the Dream Act - The Truth Behind the Nightmare

President Obama's Executive Amnesty order threatens to destroy American - the greatest nation in the history of the world. In my December 2010 blog, DREAM Act, I criticized the majority Republican Congress for failing to stand up to the President's agenda during a time when he was pressing the DREAM Act through, despite clear opposition from the majority of Americans. The President is pressing his Executive Order granting amnesty to illegal aliens while Republicans sit idly by. Just as the DREAM Act was blocked, so should President Obama's Executive Amnesty Order. Mr. Trump is correct that new legislation is not necessary if we demand that our legislators and government officials do their true job and enforce current laws. We cannot continue this attempt to legislate and regulate ourselves to prosperity. What we must do is reduce the role of government and demand they govern according to the Constitution. [more...]

The Iranian Lunacy Continues

Can those on the Left really believe that a regime who hates us, that is breaking the same rules it says it will abide by before the ink is dry, who shouts "death to America," is buying weapons from Russia, and learning how to make and launch nukes from North Korea can be trusted to do their own inspections? This regime plays in the same sandbox with almost every one of our enemies and openly supports terrorists. We're trusting them.  Why? [more...]

Democrats are Faltering, Leaving the Door Open for the GOP

Democrat voters may begin looking for a candidate who will take a stronger stand against ISIS and exact stricter sanctions against Iran. Bernie Sanders certainly isn’t up to it, and Hillary botched her job as Secretary of State, so why would voters trust her with more foreign policy responsibility? Republican candidates as a whole offer stronger opposition to ISIS, one of this nation’s biggest threats; and within the party, Donald Trump offers the best option to deal with this enemy. In business, no single leader can successfully manage a company on his or her own – leaders must surround themselves with the best and brightest people they can, to build the most successful company. Trump knows this, and will do exactly that as president. With regards to ISIS, Trump will work with military leaders to craft an efficient, effective plan to once and for all deal with the terrorist group. Moreover, Trump is likely to apply this business strategy to all aspects of White House leadership, just like any good manager. Overall, Americans are increasingly dissatisfied with the work of Democrats and are looking to the other side of the room to solve problems both at home and abroad. [more...]

China and the U.S. Treasury Bond Market - the Investment Threat Nobody's Talking About

Chinese ownership of U.S. Treasury bonds stood at 7.2% last October with total foreign ownership of Treasuries at 34.4%. "The worst case would materialize if the largest holders decided to sell their Treasury securities at the same time," writes Mike Patton at Forbes. Let’s talk about that. There are several reasons that China might sell U.S. Treasuries; and make no mistake - such an action could cause a big bond market correction, the likes of which we haven't seen since 1994. [more...]

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