Thursday, August 6, 2015

8-6-15 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Joseph Klein: Obama Defends Iran Deal with Falsehoods and Slurs
2. Joe Messina: Hillary Supporters Want Her to Repeal the Bill of Rights if She's Elected President
3. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Big Questions to Ask after the Republican Presidential Debates
4. Lowell Ponte: The Obama Economy is Flatlining... and Soon Might Spiral into Recession
5. Ronald Kessler: The Two Donald Trumps
6. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Will Trump Rate at the Debate?

Obama Defends Iran Deal with Falsehoods and Slurs

Remember President Obama's outright lies as he was selling Obamacare? He is now lying on an even larger scale as he tries to sell his fatally flawed nuclear deal with Iran to a skeptical Congress, and to the American people, who currently oppose the deal by a large margin. In an address that Obama delivered yesterday at American University, Obama deliberately misrepresented the terms of his deal and slurred those who dare to question it. In a highly offensive and partisan tone, he accused the Republican caucus of being in "common cause" with Iran's hardliners opposed to the deal, ignoring the serious reservations to the deal among many in his own party and the American public at large. [more...]

Hillary Supporters Want Her to Repeal the Bill of Rights if She's Elected President

Man on the street, Mark Dice, asked Hillary Clinton supporters: If they agree with her supposed "campaign promise" to repeal the Bill of Rights, to see if they would blindly agree with this clearly insane policy just because Hillary is supposedly behind it. I just wish he'd start asking these people if they vote. I'm hoping they don't, but I suspect they do. [more...]

Big Questions to Ask after the Republican Presidential Debates

1.  Who won the debate?  Was there a clear winner?  Who came close?
2.  Will Trump stay on top of the polls after the debate is over?  If not, who will move to the top of the polls?
3.  Did Trump appear presidential during the debate?
4.  Did Trump stumble during the debate?  Did he attempt to recover?  Did he actually recover?
5.  Among the other presidential candidates, who appeared most presidential?  Who appeared least presidential? [Go here for a complete analysis...]

The Obama Economy is Flatlining... and Soon Might Spiral into Recession

The Department of Commerce late last week announced that in the Second Quarter of this year America's economy grew at an annualized rate of 2.3 percent, which other countries that do not engage in our data manipulations would see as equivalent to less than a 0.6 percent growth rate quarter-on-quarter. The Commerce Department also said it has revised what began as minus 0.2 percent growth during the First Quarter up to 0.6 percent growth... anemic growth, but better than much of the rest of the world where meager growth rates are now declining.  [more...]

The Two Donald Trumps

Love him or hate him, no one has been able to figure out Donald Trump. No one, that is, except Norma Foerderer. For 26 years, Foerderer was Mr. Trump's top aide, becoming his vice president. During her career with him, Foerderer oversaw almost every aspect of the presidential candidate's business, including public relations, hiring and firing, and negotiating book deals and contracts. No one knew so well both the personal and business side of Mr. Trump. Just before she retired in 2006. Foerderer, who has since died, gave me her only in-depth interview about Donald. Foerderer said there are two Donald Trumps: the "outrageous" one that utters brash comments on television and the real one that only she and other insiders know. [more...]

Will Trump Rate at the Debate?

National security will likely be a big topic at the debates. No doubt this will include border security and terrorist threats. By this point, we know Trump’s beliefs on illegal aliens, and we know a huge number of Americans support him, so it will be interesting to see if other candidates step up and take a strong stance for our nation. Gun rights, abortion, and gay marriage could also come up, but I bet this could lead to a broader conversation regarding states’ rights. Trump is in favor of limiting the power of the federal government and giving power back to the states, so this will be a discussion point to watch. Trump, with his decades of business experience, will lay out his plan to cut down and simplify the tax code to promote economic growth and American success. No other candidate has the real-world, business experience of Trump, so I look forward to seeing how the other candidates plan to rebut Trump’s strategy. [more...]

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