Thursday, August 27, 2015

Should Democratic Dinosaurs Lead America into the Future?

It's really ironic and a sad commentary on the Democrat Party that three of their leading contenders for president are political dinosaurs from the past. Is it time for the Democrats to find some new people to lead America into the future? Consider these potential presidential nominees...

Bernie Sanders - a self-identified 73-year-old socialist.  Socialism and Marxism trace their discredited philosophy largely back to a 19th century book (Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto, 1848).

Hillary Clinton - a self-identified 67-year-old progressive. Progressive socialism dates back largely to the early 20th century progressives such as Woodrow Wilson.

Joe Biden - a 72-year-old progressive. Vice president associated with the current administration’s 21st century versions of outdated progressive socialist policies and programs, including Obamacare, open borders, illegal immigration and the bad Iran nuclear deal. [Go here for a complete analysis...]

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