Tuesday, September 15, 2015

9-15-15 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Fireworks at the GOP Debate?
2. Joe Messina: Refugees or Trojan Horse?
3. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Obey the Same Sex Marriage Laws or Face Jail Time
4. James Hirsen: Trump Dominates Late Night
5. Daniel Greenfield: How Obama Bullies a Weak Republican Congress
6. Dave Bego: Political Correctness is Ruining America
7. John LeBoutillier: This Week on Political Insiders

Fireworks at the GOP Debate?

Trump is leading the Republican nomination race and because many candidates are stuck in the single digits, we can expect big fireworks.  This might be some candidates' last chance to break out of their low polling numbers. Expect candidates to argue vigorously against Trump.  Expect some candidates to pick fights with Trump. Expect that the Club for Growth's (a group that seeks prosperity and opportunity through economic freedom) e-mail letter will come up during the debate.  Last weekend, they issued a scathing attack on Trump. According to the Club for Growth: "The Club believes that Donald is the worst Republican candidate on economic issues - plain and simple."  [Go here for a complete analysis...]

Refugees or Trojan Horse?

ISIS flags are being found among the so-called refugees. A captured ISIS smuggler confessed to bringing in over 4,000 ISIS fighters. How? Well, the Turkish border is over 550 miles long and is almost never guarded. While authorities are checking in the refugees and keeping peace in the cities, the borders and other avenues into Europe are poorly or completely unguarded. Picture after picture now shows these "refugees" coming in and fighting with authorities, beating the police with ISIS flags. The Germans are floored! They can't believe this is happening. One terrorist, posing as an "asylum seeker," was arrested in Germany after he was found to be in possession of boxes of fake Syrian passports for use by ISIS terrorists in Europe. Hungary has matched pictures of "refugees" and "ISIS terrorists" on the Internet. This is insane! [more...]

Obey the Same Sex Marriage Laws or Face Jail Time

Kim Davis is not an advocate for religious freedom. She is not an advocate for traditional marriage. She is a delusional, low-level civil employee who broke the law. On June 26, 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the 14th amendment requires all states to issue marriage licenses and recognize out-of-state licenses for same-sex couples. Regardless of your opinion on same-sex marriage, the law is the law. There are processes to change the law, but it is the duty of no one to take the law into his or her own hands. Moreover, Kim Davis's job was to file marriage licenses, not interpret the Constitution. Davis claims she refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples because it contradicted her faith – this is an impossible argument to uphold. By this logic, a Jewish postman could refuse to deliver Christmas cards.  It's ridiculous. Beyond the failed logic of Kim Davis, she directly violated an order of the Supreme Court. [more...]

Trump Dominates Late Night

Those who have been following the 2016 presidential campaign thus far recognize what a natural outlet late-night television is for Donald Trump. His first such appearance since he announced his presidential bid took place at the end of last week on the set of "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon. Ratings for the Trump-featured broadcast were the highest Friday ratings in 18 months for the infotainment program. According to Nielsen, the NBC late-night show attracted 4.5 million viewers. In his "Tonight Show" appearance, the GOP frontrunner was able to promote his campaign. In parallel fashion, he was also able to display a talent over which few of the current presidential candidates can presently claim, facile delivery of self-deprecating humor. [more...]

How Obama Bullies a Weak Republican Congress

Obama's position has been straightforward, at least privately. He will do whatever he wants and no one will stop him. He has repeatedly defied Congress and the courts to do so. While he plays the game of giving speeches in which he demands that Congress do X or Y, it's in practice shut out of the process. Here's how it worked on the Iran Deal: Obama made it clear to Democrats in Congress that he would implement the deal no matter what. The Republican leadership by now has gotten the message. The message is that Congressional voters are irrelevant. They don't affect policy unless the dictator-in-chief allows them to. [more...]

Political Correctness is Ruining America

Many Americans are posing the question "Is America Too PC?" The easy answer is, absolutely. The more important answer, however, is much more complex. Do we want all people to be treated fairly and provided equal opportunity regardless of their background and personal preferences and beliefs? Absolutely. Do we want America to be the land of opportunity for all? Absolutely. Do we want all legal Americans to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as stated in The Declaration of Independence? Absolutely. Do we want people who desire to bring down the greatest country the world has ever known, a country that has provided more opportunity for people and advanced civilization and the standard of living more than any other country in the history of the world to use "political correctness" to destroy it? Absolutely not! [more...]

This Week on Political Insiders

On this week's POLITICAL INSIDERS, we discussed the rise of Trump, the fall of Hillary, the possibility of Joe Biden, the GOP Debate - and the Migration Mess overseas. Watch the segments here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. [more...]

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