Friday, September 25, 2015

Good Riddance to John Boehner

I’ve been a conservative politician, commentator, author, syndicated columnist and activist my entire adult life. John Boehner is the single biggest disappointment and failure to conservative causes in my lifetime. I am thrilled to see him go. Tonight I will be dancing in the streets.

My new book The Power of Relentless: 7 Secrets to Achieving Mega-Success, Financial Freedom and the Life of Your Dreams describes success as being a combination of relentless energy, enthusiasm, chutzpah (the audacity to believe you’ll always win), relentless commitment to your goals, a fighting spirit, and always fighting from a position of strength (relentlessly on offense, not defense). John Boehner failed on every count.

Compromise is fine. But waving a white flag at the first sign of battle is not. John Boehner was the Republican equivalent of the French army. He spent his career compromising before the fight even began. Worse, he defined compromise as giving Obama virtually everything he wanted. Compromise is when one party wants a 25% tax hike and the other party wants a 25% tax cut... and you compromise on "no change." No one gets what they want.

But if Obama wants a 25% tax increase in the middle of a devastating recession and the GOP would like a tax cut, it’s not "compromise" to accept a 20% tax increase. That was Boehner’s strategy. That is Boehner’s "record of accomplishment." He thinks giving Obama 90% of whatever he wants - even after a massive, historic GOP landslide - is compromise. He thinks that’s leadership. [more...]

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