Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Root for Trump: Gone are the Teleprompters!

Leading up to Wednesday night's GOP Presidential debate, Wayne Allyn Root is the best person to talk about REAL people in America, what Donald Trump is doing to connect with Americans and why he is striking a nerve with the other GOP candidates, all the while touching the heart and soul of Americans who are angry and are sick of being lied to. Wayne knows firsthand the methods Trump is using to succeed because he, himself, has been practicing them for years on TV, radio, on the Internet and as a candidate and top-billed international speaker.

Former VP candidate and entrepreneur extraordinaire Wayne Root understands Trump's steps to success and reveals the secret to his surge in his new book, endorsed by Donald himself, The Power of RELENTLESS in which he describes in detail what led to the Trump juggernaut. Gone are the teleprompters! Gone is the phoniness... to be replaced by straightforward honesty. Wayne tells us in his book that with the right leadership, it's possible that we could be, at long last, moving into a new age of REAL PEOPLE in government - anti-politicians who get the job done, who work hard for the American people and don't try to confuse us with double-talk and false promises.
Wayne enthusiastically tells us: "I've spent my life preaching about the importance of energy for achieving success. My new book The Power of RELENTLESS is all about the #1 trait of success: RELENTLESS ENERGY... and it works! My relentless energy, enthusiasm and excitement led to 'The Power of RELENTLESS' being ranked the #1 best-selling business book in America and you, too, can be just as successful once you learn the 7 secrets to achieving mega-success, financial freedom, and the life of your dreams.
"Energy works and is at the root (excuse the pun) of all success. Energy fuels leadership. When you project energy, people want to plug into your electric socket. They want what you have; they'll follow you anywhere - just to feel that energy, electricity and excitement... just to feel ALIVE. Show me great energy and I'll show you a great leader. The GOP has lost the last two elections because of a shortage of energy. Most of the Republican candidates lack energy - the 'IT' factor of American politics. You either have 'IT' or you don't. Energy is precisely why Donald Trump, against all odds, is the leading GOP Presidential candidate. Donald has a level of energy that the others don't and he knows the ubiquitous teleprompter is a symbol of robotic laziness; so he speaks from the heart."
Nobody cares if Trump hasn't memorized all the names of characters in the Middle East. Americans care that he has decided to turn the focus on them and their needs FIRST. Trump is pragmatic and straight to the point and dares to utter simply what Americans are thinking... and most important of all, he has the energy to accomplish it all. From finding inspiration deep within your heart and soul - to branding - prayer and gratitude - physical fitness - a healthy diet - proper nutrition - to giving back to society in charity... you'll find it all in one concise manual for success: The Power of RELENTLESS.

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