Friday, June 24, 2016

6-24-16 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Lowell Ponte: Great Britain Voted Thursday to Exit the European Union - This “Brexit” Could Unleash Global Chaos
2. Joseph Klein: The Democrats’ Mob Rule in The House of Representatives
3. Daniel R. Joseph: Radical Islam - Don’t Overlook the Role of Culture
4. Rabbi D.B. Ganz: How Donald Trump Can Save the USA
5. Daniel Greenfield: Dumbest Baltimore Protest
6. John LeBoutillier: Trump’s Behavior Needs to Change

Great Britain Voted Thursday to Exit the European Union - This “Brexit” Could Unleash Global Chaos

Yesterday, the British people voted in a national referendum to declare their independence from the European Union. The ruling political establishment, right and left, had joined to crush this populist uprising with a campaign of fear and authority. But a majority of voters, sick of the European rot that has been destroying the Great in Great Britain, pushed back – and history changed. Brexit’s victory unleashed a shock wave around the world that for a time halted stock trading in Asia, sent Dow futures plunging by more than 700 points, drove the 10-year Treasury bond yield to modern record lows, and sent gold surging upwards by more than $80. [more...]

The Democrats’ Mob Rule in The House of Representatives

House Democrats made complete fools of themselves with their sit-in temper tantrum this week. Shouting their demands for an immediate vote on gun control legislation – apparently their only “serious” answer to global Islamic jihad – the Democratic disrupters caused pandemonium on the House floor on Wednesday. They sought to paralyze House proceedings with shouts of “No bill, no break!”  Representative Maxine Waters of California proclaimed, “I’m prepared to stand here until hell freezes over.” Civil rights hero Representative John Lewis of Georgia declared, “we have to occupy the floor of the House until there’s action.” [more...]

Radical Islam - Don’t Overlook the Role of Culture

The Bible includes stories of God helping his chosen people slay their enemies.  The Bible also has a message of love and forgiveness.  Hundreds of years ago, when the Pope had an army and kingdoms went to war based on religion, the West looked more like the Old Testament’s “smite thine enemy” message.  Over the years, the West evolved past that kind of thinking.  Church and state were separated and actual religious wars became a thing of the past.  Yet the Bible didn’t change.  It was the interpretation of the Bible that changed, and culture is a big reason why.  If we are to understand the threat from Radical Islam, we need to understand the role that culture plays. [more...]

How Donald Trump Can Save the USA

The Trump campaign is in shambles. Compared to Hillary and the Democrats, Trump has far less organization, far less manpower, and above all, far less money. According to one report, the Dems have a total of $94 million on hand while Trump’s campaign has $1.3 million. With this type of financial advantage, Hillary will be able to spend over $100 million on vicious negative advertising, that will mainly go unanswered – except for on Trump’s free Twitter account. The effects of these grim realities are just now beginning to take their toll on the key all-important swing states. The latest Quinnipiac University Poll shows Clinton leading her presumptive Republican rival 47-39 percent in the Sunshine State. That’s up from a near-draw in similar polling a month ago. The former secretary of state also has closed Trump’s modest lead in Ohio, with the latest poll showing the candidates at a 40-40 percent tie. [more...]

Dumbest Baltimore Protest

The politically motivated Freddie Gray case has collapsed. A black judge eviscerated the last pieces of it. And he'll be coming back for seconds. And whatever protesters there are, are pushing new boundaries of stupidity. Case in point: A few dozen protesters were gathered outside the courthouse as the verdict was read. One, who protested silently with half of her face painted white, carried a sign that read, "They killin' us alive legally.” As opposed to killing us dead? You could try to make sense of that sentence, but you're going to regret it. [more...]

Trump’s Behavior Needs to Change

It is the candidate's behavior that needs to change - or else Donald Trump faces a catastrophic result in November. All the 20/20 hindsight analysis of the firing of Trump's campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, misses the only salient point. The entire problem of the Trump campaign is Trump, himself... period: his refusal to listen to anyone, his egotism, his total lack of humility, his refusal to admit anyone else on the planet knows anything, and his narcissism that makes President Obama seem humble. [more...]

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