Wednesday, June 15, 2016

6-15-16 Exciting New Guests for Your Show

1. Daniel R. Joseph: Islam and “Radical Islam” are Not the Same
2. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Let’s Talk About Orlando’s Victims
3. Daniel Greenfield: Islamic Terrorism is not Domestic Terrorism
4. Dave Bego: Another Travesty in Obama’s Quest for Control
5. Rabbi Ganz: Trump and the Mexican Judge
6. Wayne Allyn Root: Trump’s Republican Critics Forget Obama’s Missteps

Islam and “Radical Islam” are Not the Same

Muslims know that Radical Islam is a problem.  After all, around the world, more Muslims die because of Radical Islam than anyone else.  Radical Islam includes large, well-armed, fairly sophisticated groups like ISIL that openly encourage attacks on America and other perceived enemies.  So it isn’t exactly a secret that, within the Islamic world, there are radical voices that encourage violence.  Acknowledging that fact is a far cry from saying “All Muslims are violent and are out to destroy us.”  In fact, the point of using a phrase like “Radical Islam” is to separate that kind of Islam from all other Muslims. 

Of course, it is important to choose the right words.  But I think in most cases we are doing that.  However, some seem to think that any terminology that might suggest there is a problem related to Islam is somehow bigoted and wrong.  That simply isn’t true.  As I’ve said, recognizing that China has a problem with corruption is not the same as saying all Chinese are corrupt.  Recognizing that America has a drug problem is not the same as saying that all Americans are drug addicts.  Recognizing that there is a movement that encourages terrorism among Muslims is not the same as saying all Muslims are terrorists. 

Of course, terminology doesn’t solve a problem.  The right actions and policies do.  But if you refuse to describe a problem accurately, then the risk is greater that you might also be unwilling to take the right actions and policies.  That’s the risk we face now. [more...]

Let’s Talk About Orlando’s Victims

The Orlando massacre cuts across nearly every major issue facing the country and our world today. America has been in direct conflict with what is now various terrorist organizations for at least 15 years. We’ve witnessed brutal terrorist attacks in Boston three years ago, Paris last November, and Brussels this March. Orlando is yet another tragic event on this growing list.  Moreover, this attack targeted the American gay community. Regardless of your personal beliefs, this has been a demographic discriminated against for decades, and one that has peacefully worked towards equality. [more...]

Islamic Terrorism is not Domestic Terrorism

Obama described the massacre carried out by Muslim mass murderer Omar Mateen as “an example of the kind of homegrown extremism that all of us have been concerned about.” But there’s nothing “homegrown” about Omar Mateen. He was fighting for a foreign ideology and just happened to be born in this country. Being born in America does not make him a domestic terrorist. One of our biggest errors in the fight against Islamic terrorism has been to treat it as a domestic terrorism problem. Islamic terrorism is not domestic terrorism - not even when its perpetrators, like Omar Mateen or Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood killer, are born in the United States. What distinguishes domestic terrorism from international terrorism is not the perpetrator’s place of birth. [more...]

Another Travesty in Obama’s Quest for Control

The Orlando massacre is yet another travesty inflicted upon America as a result of Obama’s policies, that should be a wakeup call about his conspiracy to bring down America. Recent events by both the President and Big Labor exhibit striking parallels in the quest for control. They have the mindset of a dictator - they crave power. They have no respect for the law or our Constitution and will do whatever they feel necessary whether legally or morally acceptable to achieve their mutual goal of total control. In March 2012 my blog explained how President Obama and his labor buddies were engaging in tactics to fundamentally change America. Let me remind you, Obama and his leftist supporters - including Big Labor - have many things in common that should frighten all Americans... [more...]

Trump and the Mexican Judge

One argument made on behalf of Judge Curiel presiding over the Trump U trial is that he was born in the U.S. - he is an American, not a Mexican, so he won’t be insulted by Donald Trump’s anti-Mexican rants. It is a fallacious argument; being born here does not remove the possibility of personally identifying with one’s heritage. To illustrate: many black people consider themselves African-Americans even though their families have been in the U.S. for centuries. Certainly, when pundits and newscasters discuss the Hispanic vote they are also referring to American-born Latinos, not just those born abroad. Presumably, he sees himself as both a proud American success story and a proud Hispanic as well; the two are not mutually exclusive. Trump didn’t attack Mexicans in general; he pointedly criticized Judge Curiel on a personal level and threatened to file a civil suit against the judge if he gets elected. The notion that a judge is automatically above personal bias and prejudice as a consequence of his investiture is just not how we human beings are wired. [more...]

Trump’s Republican Critics Forget Obama’s Missteps

The Republican leadership is so dumb - weak, feckless, cowards. They have proven themselves rats by deserting Donald Trump over a sentence. I never heard this much screaming when Hillary Clinton was busy covering up Benghazi, or lying to the face of the parents of dead heroes at Dover Air Force Base when the Benghazi bodies returned home, or when the Clinton Foundation took billions in bribes from foreign governments, or when President Obama committed fraud to sell Obamacare, or when Mr. Obama killed millions of middle-class jobs, or when Mr. Obama used the IRS to viciously and maliciously target, intimidate and persecute conservative groups and individual high-profile critics (like me) in the worst witch hunt in U.S. political history. [more...]

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