Monday, September 18, 2017

9-19-17 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Seth Cropsey: U.S. Navy Ongoing Investigations
2. Lowell Ponte: America Needs a Tax Reformation
3. Daniel Greenfield: CA Dems Protect Child Rapists and Fight Trump
4. Mark Tapson: UC Berkeley to Shut Down Campus for Free Speech Week
5. James Hirsen: A Sanctimonious Jennifer Gets an “F”
6. John LeBoutillier: Trump ‘Winging it’ with the Democrats

U.S. Navy Ongoing Investigations

Relieving the commander of Combined Task Force 70 and the commodore of Destroyer Squadron 15 is consistent with the Navy’s tradition of holding officers responsible for events that occur under their command and over which they have control.  But while relieving officers strengthens accountability, it does not, it cannot, address the root of the problem which is that American seapower is over-stretched. At the end of the Cold War, the U.S. combat fleet numbered approximately 600 ships. Today we have 276. The requirements that the Navy is asked to fill have been increasing steadily since a few years after the Cold War ended. Yet, our elected representatives in both the legislative and executive branches of government have acted in recent administrations as though the U.S. military has not been affected by underfunding, reduced budgets and legislative caps that effectively prevent corrective action.  The problem today is not only the size and modernization of the fleet, but the political will to restore American seapower so that it can meet the multiplying requirements expected of it.

America Needs a Tax Reformation

In today’s struggle between globalist collectivism and nationalist individualism, we need more than tax reform. We need a Tax Reformation that again puts the individual taxpayer above the government and reasserts the ancient Roman Cicero’s motto that the good of the people is the highest law. Government is supposed to serve us, not overtax our achievers to serve the greed of selfish politicians and the state. The United States, which began as a free enterprise nation, now imposes a 35 percent tax rate on businesses, the highest among advanced countries. [more...]

CA Dems Protect Child Rapists and Fight Trump

California legislators compulsively generate bills that are immune to math, laws, precedent or legality. And that can only produce a complete and utter disaster if they are implemented. And they wouldn’t have it any other way. In addition to the multiple gratuitous legislative attacks on President Trump, which are as bizarre as they are unprecedented, there was a bill, introduced by Senator Scott Wiener of San Francisco, to remove sex offenders from the sex offender registry. Wiener claimed that the sex offender registry was homophobic. The bill, which passed, will allow child rapists to be removed after 20 years, and gives child pornography distributors a pass after 10 years. [more...]

UC Berkeley to Shut Down Campus for Free Speech Week

A faculty letter addressed to the UC Berkeley campus and the Berkeley community at large is calling for a complete boycott of classes and campus activities during the upcoming “Free Speech Week," which will feature conservative speakers whose very names inspire college students to seek safe spaces and therapy. The Berkeley paper, The Daily Californian, reports that the letter was co-written by seven faculty members, including Michael Cohen, a campus associate teaching professor of African American studies. The letter urges fellow faculty members to take three steps: cancel classes and tell students to stay home; close buildings and departments and allow staff to stay home; and not penalize students who are afraid of coming to campus. The letter was signed by 132 campus faculty members from various departments, and by 56 individuals who aren’t part of the UC Berkeley faculty. [more...]

A Sanctimonious Jennifer Gets an “F”

While out promoting her new movie, “Mother,” Jennifer Lawrence suggested that the devastation in Texas and Florida, which was caused by hurricanes Harvey and Irma, was “Mother Nature’s revenge and wrath” due to the sizable portion of the American people that had voted for President Trump and had failed to embrace the theory of man-caused global warming. Lawrence had already alienated many would-be filmgoers with her avid support of Planned Parenthood and participation in a video this year against any de-funding for the abortion provider. [more...]

Trump ‘Winging it’ with the Democrats

President Trump’s sudden and unexpected moves over the last two weeks to side with Congressional Democrats - Charles Schumer and the much-reviled-on-the-right Nancy Pelosi - on raising the debt limit ceiling and the general thrust of immigration reform was yet another example of a fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants decision-making process that has so far resulted after more than seven months with virtually no legislative accomplishments. [more...]

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