Wednesday, September 6, 2017

9-6-17 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Lowell Ponte: A North Korean Nuclear Winter
2. James Hirsen: Unconstitutional DACA Must Go
3. Michael Stumo: Should the Trump Administration Pull Out from South Korea Trade Deal?
4. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Is the New York Times Bestseller List Fake News?
5. Wayne Allyn Root: Harvey Response - Glass is Half Full
6. John LeBoutillier: Trump - Check or Checkers?

A North Korean Nuclear Winter

The latest North Korean blast was, by one estimate, up to 10 times bigger than the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima. Worse, this weapon may have been not only an atomic fission device but also a hydrogen-fusion explosive, an H-bomb small enough to be carried by an intercontinental ballistic missile. A nuclear blast would emit an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that could fry our computer chips, blind military offensive and defensive systems, erase our banking records and economy, and return us to being a near-Stone Age country in a heartbeat. [more...]

Unconstitutional DACA Must Go

DACA was unconstitutionally created by the Obama administration. The program violates Separation of Powers, undermines the sovereignty of the United States, and represents the worst of policy decisions. In short, DACA needs to be completely eliminated. After the press initially raised the notion that the Trump administration may jettison DACA, the left immediately referred to the potential action as bigoted and mean. Attorneys general from the states of New York and Washington also let it be known that lawsuits would be filed against the White House. [more...]

Should the Trump Administration Pull Out from South Korea Trade Deal?

The Trump administration is considering withdrawing from KORUS (the South Korea-U.S. free trade agreement). The data supports pulling out, but globalists - who support economic growth in other countries but support only Wall Street and Silicon Valley growth here - are freaking out. The case for pulling out of KORUS is stronger than the case for pulling out of NAFTA. First, Korea is a recidivist currency manipulator. It’s currency, the won, remained 14.4% undervalued in May, making Korean goods and services cheaper than they would be with a fairly-priced won. Mexico’s currency, in contrast, is not undervalued. Second, America's trade performance under the KORUS agreement is the worst among all U.S. trade deals. [more...]

Is the New York Times Bestseller List Fake News?

In my book, Great News for America, released January 2016, I made ten surprising predictions that were bold and powerful. This week’s news on Regnery Publishing reinforces my ninth prediction that is coming true:
“… the end of the mainstream media’s influence (as we know it)…” [page 148]

Regnery Publishing is a well-known publisher of conservative books. They believe the New York Times is biased toward liberal books and have decided to no longer recognize the NYT Bestseller List accounting of book sales; no longer allow its authors to use the designation of New York Times Bestselling Author; and no longer reward authors with bonuses for getting on the NYT Bestseller List. Thus, the old mainstream media continues to find its prestige and credibility further eroded. [more...]

Harvey Response - Glass is Half Full

We’ve seen the best of America on display in Houston over the past week. We’ve seen the damage, destruction and tragedy of Hurricane Harvey. But we also saw the greatness of America and Texas. First, I saw the heroism of our first responders and members of the military, Coast Guard and National Guard. These guys and gals are heroes through and through. They are simply sensational, remarkable and selfless. They work long hours under grueling conditions and they saved thousands of lives from dawn to dusk. Second, I saw America’s version of Dunkirk with unpaid volunteers of the Redneck Army and Cajun Navy joining together with first responders to save countless lives (and pets). So much for the liberal slander and propaganda of America being a “racist nation.” [more...]

Trump - Check or Checkers?

On the latest edition of REVOLUTION_The Podcast... We ask this question: is Trump a Master political chess player? Or is he in fact an impulsive checkers player who makes it up as he goes along? We discuss the path ahead - debt ceiling, funding the Wall, working with Congress and the latest revelations on the Trump-Russia-Mueller investigation. [more...]

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