Wednesday, September 27, 2017

9-27-17 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Trump’s Brilliant NFL Strategy
2. Daniel Greenfield: America’s Dumbest Congresswoman Kneels in Congress to Support NFL Racists
3. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: I Stand for the Flag
4. Lowell Ponte: Is it Time for Racial Equality in Pro Sports?
5. Bruce Thornton: Trump Should Reject Fatally Flawed International Institutions

Trump’s Brilliant NFL Strategy

I think you will see Trump’s political instincts are superb and his response to the NFL protests were actually a brilliant political strategy that will pay off with handsome dividends in 2018 and in 2020. The president’s political strategy has had three major impacts on the political dynamics of America in the fall of 2017: first, this political strategy solidifies Trump’s base; second, it is bringing more people from the old Democrat Party alliance into Trump’s orbit of support; and third, this political strategy is further isolating the left and Democrat Party from main street American voters. [more...]

America’s Dumbest Congresswoman Kneels in Congress to Support NFL Racists

Sheila Jackson Lee seems to think that NFL players are disrespecting the anthem because Trump called them sons of bitches. Rather than the other way around. The saddest part is that this is a pre-written speech she's reading from a piece of paper. Then she accuses President Trump of abridging speech with tweets. And how better to stand with America, the flag and our soldiers than by disrespecting the anthem. But there are excellent odds that Sheila Jackson Lee has no idea what the protests are about. This is the woman who thought that we won the Vietnam War. And that the Constitution is 400 years old. [more...]

I Stand for the Flag

It’s been a few days since the NFL decided to protest the American flag. Before Sunday, it was a few pro football’s players’ choice to kneel in protest while the national anthem was being sung before kickoff, but that escalated when entire teams knelt and stood locked in arms in protest of our country. Although I am strongly against their actions, I do believe that they have a constitutional right to protest. However, I also believe that there is a time and a place for everything. In this case, kneeling in protest before an NFL game was not the right time nor the right place. Although they were on a football field, the players were still in a professional environment. Their actions would be equivalent to any one of us protesting at our place of work. Their actions were not just unpatriotic, but also unprofessional. [more...]

Is it Time for Racial Equality in Pro Sports?

African-American males are only about six percent of America's population, yet they are so talented that they are approximately 70 percent of NFL and 74.4 percent of NBA players. Perhaps the NFL and NBA, to fix this racial equality, should be required to hire and fire players by race until by, say, 2020, each team fits the mix of America itself. In the most recent Census, the USA was 12.6 percent African-American, 16.3 percent Hispanic or Latino, 4.8 percent Asian-American, and 72.4 percent white. NFL and NBA players should reflect that same racial proportion. If our sports are to be politicized, then it is time we make merit and talent secondary and impose racial quotas first and foremost. Sports should reflect America's proportion of races. [more...]

Trump Should Reject Fatally Flawed International Institutions

Trump’s recent comments about renegotiating the Paris agreement and reforming the UN imply an acceptance of the assumptions on which both are built: that multilateral cooperation is better able to serve the interests and security of the United States. If this is so, then Trump is buying into the flaws of those assumptions that need to be utterly discredited in order to enact meaningful change. [more...]

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