Thursday, September 7, 2017

9-8-17 The Best Guests for Your Show

1. Daniel Greenfield: Hating Israel at the Center for Jewish History
2. Joe Messina: Can We Survive Another Obama-Type “Red Line” with North Korea?
3. Christine Douglass-Williams: European Supermarket Removes Crosses from Packaging to ‘Respect Diversity’
4. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Gas Price Spike Following Harvey

Hating Israel at the Center for Jewish History

The Center for Jewish History claims to hold “the largest repository of Jewish historical documentation outside of Israel.” But now the Center has fallen into the hands of an anti-Israel activist who attacked efforts to fight campus anti-Semitism and defended a hate group promoting anti-Semitic speakers. It’s hard to find a group opposed to the Jewish State that David N. Myers, the new head of the Center, hasn’t endorsed, participated in or been a part of. JVP, an anti-Semitic BDS hate group, listed Myers as a JVP Academic Advisory Board Member in its leaflet accusing Jewish activists of “Misusing Anti-Semitism Charges to Silence Free Speech.” Why would JVP be concerned about accusations of anti-Semitism? Not only is the BDS hate group violently opposed to the Jewish State, but it sponsored talks by Alison Weir, who had claimed that Jews drank Christian blood and engaged in the ritual murder of Christian children during the Middle Ages. [more...]

Can We Survive Another Obama-Type “Red Line” with North Korea?

We have tried diplomatic measures with North Korea for years. We have paid them, given them FREE fuel, and much more... to no avail. North Korea’s actions show a total contempt for anyone or anything but North Korea. To allow them to continue along the path they have chosen would mean we allow them to, at minimum, hold the whole area hostage to the whims of their sick little dictator. Handling North Korea the same way we have for decades is nothing shy of insanity. President Trump was elected to conduct business in a different way - to actually protect us... to speak for the people. I’m thinking a new Great Lake is in the making: Lake North Korea. [more...]

European Supermarket Removes Crosses from Packaging to ‘Respect Diversity’

Although the German supermarket giant Lidl was caught erasing crosses from packaging to show “respect for diversity” ... searching the company’s product range online appears to show a number of items with are certified as Halal - which is to say, slaughtered in accordance with controversial Islamic religious requirements, so as to be permissible for devout Muslims to eat. Other Islamic symbols were also discovered on the company’s products. So, the “respect for diversity” apparently excludes Christianity. [more...]

Gas Price Spike Following Harvey

Gas prices hit an annual high this past Labor Day as refineries work to get back up and running after shutting down due to Hurricane Harvey. On Monday, the nationwide average for gas was $2.64, almost 20 cents higher that the average of $2.45 seen the previous Thursday. A report from The Energy Department stated that 8 refineries in Corpus Christi and Houston are working on getting started after the shutdown and 4 in the gulf are working at reduced levels. The drop in supply is causing a rise for demand for gas, making it an opportune time for oil producers to raise prices; but when fuel prices rise, so do the prices for many other goods and services in our economy. [more...]

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