Tuesday, August 21, 2018

8-21-18 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Lowell Ponte: Socializing the Democrat Party
2. Karen Kataline: Cakeshop 2.0
3. James Hirsen: Anti-Trump Media Attempt to Tamper with the Manafort Jury
4. Michael Stumo: Tariff Job Gains Exceed Losses By 20:1
5. Jeff Ferry: Turkey’s Problems Not Due to Trump’s Trade Policies
6. Sally Pipes: Providing Better Deals for Health Coverage

Socializing the Democrat Party

With their secret Internal polls apparently showing it may be political suicide that 57 percent of its voters now view socialism positively, but only 47 percent view capitalism favorably, the Democratic Party’s bosses are having their media comrades attempt a new party line. “Socialism does not mean government control,” their new propaganda line goes. “When young people favor ‘socialism,’ they merely mean the restoration of liberalism with a bit more welfare for the poor and a bit more social justice for the downtrodden. It’s nothing to be afraid of.” This attempt to sanitize the Democrats’ rapid shift and candidate scramble towards socialism is nonsense. [more...]

Cakeshop 2.0

Once again, the Colorado Civil Rights Division (CCRD) is targeting Jack Phillips, the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop. The original drama lasted more than six years and concerned Phillips' refusal to create a custom wedding cake for a gay couple. The finale came in June 2018 with a 7-2 Supreme Court decision in Phillips' favor. The sequel to this story debuted recently when news broke that the CCRD ordered Phillips into "compulsory mediation" for a new discrimination charge. The complainant this time is Autumn Scardina, a transgender attorney who requested a custom cake to celebrate his/her gender transition. Scardina has allegedly targeted this shop in the past with sexually explicit and satanic cake requests. [more...]

Anti-Trump Media Attempt to Tamper with the Manafort Jury

Paul Manafort worked as a manager for the Trump campaign for approximately three months back in 2016. A high-profile trial has been taking place over the last three weeks in the courtroom of Judge T. S. Ellis. Manafort has been charged with eighteen counts of income tax evasion and bank fraud. The jury in the case is presently deliberating. Still smarting from the unexpected results of the 2016 election, many in the mainstream media have been feverishly covering each step of the investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller as well as the Manafort trial, which they view as the singular most important legal event for Mueller thus far. However, two recent events that happened during the trial have seemingly generated concern and even anxiety within the mainstream media over the possibility that the trial’s outcome may not be the one for which the outlets had longed. [more...]

Tariff Job Gains Exceed Losses By 20:1

Earlier this week, the Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) published details of its new ‘Tariff Job Creation Tracker’ that tallied U.S. manufacturing jobs gained in the wake of recent tariff actions. We keep hearing stories about the sky falling because of President Trump’s strong hand in enforcing existing U.S. trade laws. But the past six months have shown impressive job creation in skilled, high-wage sectors against only very negligible, accompanying job losses. The early returns show strong positive job creation. And there will undoubtedly be greater job growth as more sectors receive attention from the administration. [more...]

Turkey’s Problems Not Due to Trump’s Trade Policies

Turkey’s currency crisis is threatening the Turkish economy and there is a genuine risk that this could spill over into other emerging market economies with excessive foreign indebtedness. There’s even a risk this could lead to a worldwide recession as the aftereffects boomerang back on to the advanced nations whose banks have lent money to those struggling nations. But make no mistake, Turkey’s problems are not the result of President Trump’s trade policies, nor any American policies. [more...]

Providing Better Deals for Health Coverage
By Sally Pipes, President & CEO of the Pacific Research Institute

More than a dozen state attorneys general just sued the Department of Labor over a new rule that makes it easier for small businesses and self-employed individuals to form “association health plans.” AHPs enable these firms and sole proprietors to band together to negotiate with insurers for better deals for health coverage. The attorneys general claim the rule violates consumer protections in the Affordable Care Act. But the opposite is true - the rule will work to the great benefit of consumers. Since Obamacare’s many rules took full effect in 2014, the cost of insurance for small firms and self-employed people has skyrocketed. AHPs will grant them access to the affordable, high-quality health plans they want and deserve. [more...]

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