Friday, August 17, 2018

Tariff Job Gains Exceed Losses By 20:1

As of today, job gains exceed job losses by a 20:1 ratio. This week we’re showing gains of 11,100 jobs in four major sectors affected by tariffs. Tariffs are creating far more jobs than they are sacrificing.  The tariffs are working. So far, we have identified 514 job losses specifically due to tariffs. All job gains and job losses refer to job changes that have either happened or have been publicly announced as planned to happen by the companies involved, with specific numbers included. We have not estimated any of these numbers; they all come from the companies concerned. We do not include threats of potential job losses, such as the threat of sacrificing an alleged 4,000 future jobs recently made by the CEO of Chinese-owned Volvo Cars. Many corporate leaders are making vague threats or forecasts with clear political motivations. We are going deeper and looking at facts and facts only. [more...]

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