Monday, August 6, 2018

8-7-18 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Robert Spencer: Jihad in Practice
2. Kerry Lutz: Reinstitutionalization - Make America’s Cities Great Again
3. James Hirsen: Rebel Comics Speak Out
4. Lowell Ponte: Apartheid 2.0
6. John LeBoutillier: Midterm Predictions

Jihad in Practice

Robert Spencer displays a particular knack for weaving together multiple disparate threads into a cohesive narrative with his latest work, The History of Jihad: From Muhammad to ISIS. Spencer has compiled the first complete historical account of jihadi wars in a single volume. Ranging from Arabia to Europe and India, Spencer recounts the innumerable battles, massacres, victories, and defeats of the jihadi wars that have been waged from Muhammad’s century to the present day, all in the words of the contemporaries who either waged those wars or suffered the consequences thereof.” [more...]

Reinstitutionalization - Make America’s Cities Great Again

Homelessness in America is truly a crisis and a national disgrace, but not for the reasons that the progressive Left would have you believe. The Left are outraged because America as the richest country in the world shouldn’t have any homelessness under any circumstances. To them, the homeless are a symbol of the failure of capitalism. If only we lived in a collectivist utopian society homelessness would cease to exist. The real truth is that homelessness as experienced in America today is a direct result of the failed Leftist policies. [more...]

Rebel Comics Speak Out

Chris Rock has recently been attacked by the left because he tweeted some words of praise for his comedic colleague Jerry Seinfeld. In his tweet, the comedian and filmmaker included a link to an article from The Federalist, titled “Seinfeld’s ‘Comedians in Cars’ is a Welcome Respite from the Insufferable Wokeness of Comedy.” “Woke” is the term that is being used by the so-called resistance movement to describe the commitment to oppose President Trump. The author of the article Ellie Bufkin argues that the value in Seinfeld’s show is that its emphasis on being funny, as opposed to actively engaging in leftist political messaging, “has created a wonderful escape from the political insanity of our day...” Seinfeld had been chastised by the Vulture website and others for not inserting “woke” politics into his show. Bufkin and Rock were essentially commending Seinfeld for not joining the ranks of the numerous late-night Trump bashers who in today’s cultural climate are delivering patently predictable comedy to their audiences night after night. [more...]

Apartheid 2.0

Western nations successfully waged a boycott and embargo to end apartheid racial discrimination in white-ruled South Africa decades ago. They thus carried out what could be interpreted as acts of war, despite the white apartheid government possessing up to six nuclear weapons. But now we have Apartheid 2.0 in South Africa, where a racist government is about to confiscate all white-owned land. Will new boycotts and embargoes be imposed to deter and punish this far-left black government to protect racial equality and human rights? Since apartheid’s race I.D. cards vanished with its overthrow, how can the “Apartheid 2.0” government even know which farmers are “white?” Would Barack Obama, with a black Kenyan father and white mother, see his property expropriated in South Africa? [more...]

Indra Nooyi, one of the most powerful leaders of a Fortune 500 company, is stepping down after 12 years as PepsiCo’s CEO. Nooyi was the second highest paid women CEO, earning $25.9 million. Statistics show that less than 5% of Fortune 500 leaders are women, and even less are people of color. Nooyi was a successful leader who broke stereotypes in her 24 years at Pepsi. During her time at PepsiCo, Nooyi accounted for an 80% growth in sales with a heavy focus on environmental safety. She earned $87 million over the last three years. She is recognized as an incredible CEO who grew PepsiCo by leaps and bounds. [more...]

Midterm Predictions

With 91 days until the Nov. 6 midterm elections, let us look ahead: Two parties are running this year - the Trump Party and the Anti-Trump Party. President Trump dominates everything - as he wants to - and, thus, the midterms will be all about Trump. Democrats - as the vehicle to be the Anti-Trump Party - will ride the passion differential and win control of the House in November; don’t rule out that they grease out a win in the Senate, too, by holding almost all of their seats (they can afford to lose Indiana or Florida) provided they win vulnerable GOP seats in Arizona, Nevada and Tennessee. And, often, there’s a surprise incumbent senator who goes down the tubes in a wave year; keep your eye on Ted Cruz (R-Texas) who is having some difficulty in a changing-from-red-to-purple Lone Star State. [more...]

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