Tuesday, August 28, 2018

8-28-18 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Michael Stumo: The U.S.-Mexico Trade Agreement
2. James Hirsen: Probe by the Special Counsel Continues to Broaden in Scope
3. Lowell Ponte: Leftists Weaponize Corporations to Kill the Constitution
4. Daniel Greenfield: Why Jewish Leftists Hate Israel and the Jews
5. Sally Pipes: Single-Payer Progressives Lie Their Way to Victory
6. Karen Kataline: Another Misguided #MeToo Demonstration

The U.S.-Mexico Trade Agreement

The Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) expressed support for President Trump and his trade team taking aggressive and unconventional steps to craft a new trade arrangement with Mexico. This is another example of President Trump living up to his campaign promises by renegotiating or terminating NAFTA and pursuing bilateral trade deals instead. Despite vociferous opposition from Congress, foreign companies and the import lobby, the President and his trade team continue to work hard for domestic producers. We support the administration’s work to gain trade leverage and overturn the past policy of unilateral trade disarmament which caused offshoring and wage stagnation. If Canada refuses to negotiate, they should not expect to be included. [more...]

Probe by the Special Counsel Continues to Broaden in Scope

The Wall Street Journal recently broke the story that Allen Weisselberg had been granted immunity by federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York. Weisselberg is the longtime CFO of the Trump Organization and also serves as the treasurer of the Trump Foundation. The CFO has been with the Trump family since 1970, when he began working for President Trump’s father. Weisselberg currently co-manages the Trump businesses along with President Trump’s adult sons. Weisselberg was called to testify to a grand jury earlier this summer. As the CFO, he presumably has a wealth of knowledge about the Trump Organization’s internal cash flow. Presently, Weisselberg has been given immunity related solely to the payments that Michael Cohen made to two women with whom Trump allegedly had affairs. However, through use of the same above-described investigation, prosecutors could potentially subpoena additional records from the company, and the investigation could undergo a further expansion. [more...]

Leftists Weaponize Corporations to Kill the Constitution

Today we are seeing radicals kill our rights by using government’s other fist of lethal power to beat our Constitutional rights to death: regulation. The left has been frustrated in its efforts to disarm the populace. The highest court has upheld our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, despite big-city leftist attempts to banish citizen rights of self-defense. The prospective 2020 Democratic presidential nominee leftist Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts proposes requiring every major American corporation to have a federal charter. These companies could then be required to obey whatever hare-brained whim our ruling politicians have, including denial of credit and rights to the politically incorrect. When everything is politically regulated, everything will be politicized and corrupted. If corporations deny our rights, then we should deny them the profits from having us as customers. [more...]

Why Jewish Leftists Hate Israel and the Jews

Over a century and a half, Marxist criticism of the Jews has made few innovations, replacing Judaism with Israel, and to a lesser degree, money with power. Leftist anti-Zionism is so hard to distinguish from anti-Semitism because its roots are still in the same anti-Semitic Marxist sewer. The Anti-Jewish Jews preach the salvific powers of the left to redeem the selfishness of the Jews. Only the left can save Jews from Jewish power. Only the left can redeem Jews from clinging to their guns, bible, and land by destroying Israel. Karl Marx was right about one thing. There is a struggle between Judaism and the left. For the left to win, Judaism must be destroyed. [more...]

Single-Payer Progressives Lie Their Way to Victory
By Sally Pipes, President & CEO of the Pacific Research Institute

November's mid-term elections are just around the corner. This fall, Democratic congressional candidates are betting the farm - or shall we say the House - on government-run health care. The crop of Democrats eyeing the presidency in 2020, meanwhile, is similarly united behind a government takeover of the U.S. healthcare system. If voters reward the party's leftward lurch, they'll regret it immensely. The single-payer system that progressives dream of would be a nightmare for taxpayers and patients alike. [more...]

Another Misguided #MeToo Demonstration

On Aug. 26, women popped their tops for “gender equality” all over the country. Was this complimentary or contradictory to the #MeToo movement? GoTopless.org was founded by Claude Vorilhon who claims to have had an encounter with an extra-terrestrial who gave him the secrets to life. One of the male organizers at the event said something like “Instead of going crazy over Trump’s latest tweets or the latest news scandal, we need to remember that there are still women who can’t go topless!” Several participants cited the objectification of women as the reason for the movement. That’s gender inequality isn’t it? The notion that there is no difference between men and women is one the Left has been pushing for several generations. It has proven false, especially by the Left itself, which currently paints women as victims and men as perpetrators on the one hand and claims there is no difference between men and women on the other. [more...]

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