Tuesday, April 16, 2019

4-16-19 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Lowell Ponte: How Low Might Democrats Go?
2. Karen Kataline: The Motive of the Mueller Mayhem
3. Jerome Corsi: Julian Assange Has Information that Could Destroy the Russian Hoax
4. Daniel Greenfield: Why Does Rep. Omar's Life Matter More than Republicans?
5. James Hirsen: Hollywood Writers Go to War with Talent Agents

How Low Might Democrats Go?
By Lowell Ponte

With Democrats facing defeat in the 2020 elections, AOC and Pelosi have suddenly declared that Trump has put leftist anti-Semitic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar's life at risk. Could Democrats be setting Omar up for martyrdom as a way to shift politics back in their favor? Given the violence of today's leftists' behavior, this seemingly-crazy possibility cannot be ruled out. Their coup against Trump has failed, but they attempted to use a phony document to oust the duly-elected President of the United States. Several leftists have even encouraged the assassination of President Trump. What else will Democrats do to regain control of the government? Their lust for power, and their willingness to use any means to get power, now seems unlimited. [more...]

The Motive of the Mueller Mayhem
By Karen Kataline

A redacted version of the Mueller report is due to be released this week. You’ll probably hear some conservative pundits say that the upper echelons of the FBI, the CIA, and the Justice Department attempted to frame, defame and ultimately unseat Donald Trump because they hated him so darned much. Perhaps it’s a distinction without a difference but I don’t think so. Trump’s enemies didn’t engage in felonious acts because they hated him. They hated him because they knew he would expose their corrupt and felonious acts. [more...]

Jerome Corsi: Julian Assange Has Information that Could Destroy the Russian Hoax

"This is another attack on journalism," Corsi said about Assange's arrest. "In 2013, the Obama Justice Department decided not to indict Julian Assange over the Chelsea Manning issues because they said it would be tantamount to indicting the New York Times of the Washington Post. As a journalist, Julian Assange has a right to publish even stolen materials. I would recommend to Julian Assange that he fight back just like I did," Corsi said. "Julian Assange can come back and prove the second shoe dropping, the double whammy. Robert Mueller says there was no Russian collusion..." [more...]

Why Does Rep. Omar's Life Matter More than Republicans?
By Daniel Greenfield

The same media outlets that have behaved as if Rep. Omar might be killed at any moment because she received a threatening phone call have showed very little interest in a potential anthrax or ricin attack on a senator. And the media, which helped whip up the hysteria over Kavanaugh and Collins, has accused President Trump of incitement for merely quoting Omar’s hateful words about 9/11. This wasn’t even the first fake ricin attack targeting Republican senators over Justice Kavanaugh. Two staffers working for Senator Ted Cruz were hospitalized after a package with a white powder was sent to his office in the fall of 2018. Around that same time, traces of ricin were detected on an envelope sent to the White House and addressed to President Trump. The media showed less interest in an attempt to assassinate the President of the United States than in a threatening call to Omar’s office. [more...]

Hollywood Writers Go to War with Talent Agents
By James Hirsen

Two Hollywood institutions, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Association of Talent Agents (ATA), are now in an all-out battle with one another. Consequently, the way in which business is conducted in the entertainment world may never be the same. A dispute between the two organizations arose over the 43-year-old Artists’ Managers Basic Agreement (AMBA), a pact between the WGA and the ATA, which regulates the terms of how agents represent writers. The WGA by-laws stipulate that an agency must sign the AMBA in order to represent one of its members. The outcome of this conflict will likely result in an entertainment industry realignment, whereby writers are represented by smaller agencies that agree to collect commissions, minus the packaging or content participation. [more...]

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