Tuesday, April 9, 2019

4-9-19 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Crista Huff: Four Important Reasons Stocks Fall
2. James Hirsen: Smollett Gets Hit with a Lawsuit as Chicago Seeks Justice
3. Lowell Ponte: Overcoming the Democrat Matrix
4. Karen Kataline: Democrats Will Keep Changing the Rules Until They Can Never Lose
5. Jerome Corsi: From the Inside of the Mueller Probe

Four Important Reasons Stocks Fall
By Crista Huff

We all know that stock prices can fall, but if we can determine why they’re falling, then we can better understand whether to buy, sell or hold. Here are some common scenarios. A stock falls immediately upon delivering an earnings report; when the company announces good news; when the company announces temporary bad news; and a company announces significant bad news. Stock investing is a learned skill. It can be complicated and frustrating. It can also be lucrative, exciting, interesting and fun. Anybody can watch a stock go up 50% and pat themselves on the back; but the amount of wisdom you exhibit on the darker days will determine your long-term success. And knowing the reasons stocks fall is a big part of that.  [more...]

Smollett Gets Hit with a Lawsuit as Chicago Seeks Justice
By James Hirsen

Jussie Smollett may regret his failure to pay a bill sent to him courtesy of the City of Chicago. After an extensive investigative process, a demand for payment was sent to the alleged hate crime hoaxer in an effort by the city to obtain reimbursement for costs incurred due to Smollett’s claims. The letter gave the “Empire” actor seven days in which to pay an amount of approximately $130,000. Smollett is refusing to pay the city anything - not a single solitary penny. He continues to publicly claim that he has been “truthful and consistent on every single level since day one,” despite the fact that one of his lawyers has already fundamentally altered the facts of his claims. Smollett may be about to reap the whirlwind because of a civil lawsuit that the city of Chicago plans to file against him. [more...]

Overcoming the Democrat Matrix
By Lowell Ponte

Today’s young leftist utopians are hot-headed but cold-hearted, utterly bereft of human compassion, tolerance, fairness, feeling or the ability to laugh at one’s self. They seem either to be zombies or machines, ready only to hate, control, silence or kill anyone who disagrees with them. Many seem inhuman and insane. Nowhere is this more evident than in left-leaning social media such as Google, which just eliminated its A.I. ethics board after only one week. Like Facebook, Google wants to become The Matrix, controlling an artificial reality where leftist views are amplified while conservative voices are silenced. These Silicon Valley tyrants pretend that objective algorithms impose political correctness fairly – but biased humans write the algorithms, which Google and Facebook refuse to let outsiders analyze. Facebook was originally designed to act like an addictive drug on young minds. The leftists’ desire to be society’s “Dominatrix” is the essence of the Democrat Matrix, the dictatorship that red-pill-choosing humankind must overcome. [more...]

Democrats Will Keep Changing the Rules Until They Can Never Lose
By Karen Kataline

Democrats refuse to stop messing with our voter laws. Bernie Sanders just proposed that felons be allowed to vote even while they are still in prison. Democrats constantly push for these changes with a straight face, claiming that their newest-fangled scheme would make elections more “fair.” Sadly, some states have adopted a few of these voter schemes with Republican support. If Democrats were so confident that they could win or that the only reason they lose is because the election was stolen from them by Russian oligarchs or guys named “Chad,” why do they keep trying to change the rules of the game? The answer to this rhetorical question is that they are not confident. They know that underneath their divisive, identity politics, they have no ideas except socialism. Yet, some Republicans still behave like it is up to them to “reach across the aisle because their opponents have such good intentions. [more...]

From the Inside of the Mueller Probe
By Jerome Corsi

Robert Mueller’s probe crashed and burned in large part because the FBI and the prosecutors were convinced erroneously that I had personal contact with Julian Assange that permitted me to introduce Roger Stone to WikiLeaks. If I had introduced Mr. Stone to Julian Assange, the prosecutors believed, this introduction would have permitted Mr. Stone, who was in touch by telephone with then-candidate Donald Trump, “to collude” with WikiLeaks to time the release of Podesta e-mails in October 2016 so as to cause maximum damage to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. In my 40-hour ordeal, the prosecutors from the Office of the Special Counsel also made clear they believed the Trump campaign had convinced Russia to steal John Podesta’s e-mails and give them to WikiLeaks for publication. So, the hypothesis Mr. Mueller was trying to prove was that the “Russia collusion” link was Assange-Corsi-Stone-Trump - a linkage that I never caused to happen. [more...]

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