Thursday, April 25, 2019

4-25-19 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Crista Huff: Should You Buy Qualcomm Stock after its Big Rally?
2. Daniel Greenfield: 6 Dem Senators Sell out Jewish Terror Victims to Restore Cash to Islamic Terrorists
3. Sally Pipes: Pick Your Poison on Dems' Health Care Ideas
4. Christine Douglass-Williams: Sri Lanka Leftist Fallout
5. David Horowitz: Obama Persecuted Christians

Should You Buy Qualcomm Stock after its Big Rally?
By Crista Huff

Poor Qualcomm. Years of ongoing turmoil made Qualcomm (QCOM) the poster child for a feature role in The Book of Job or a country song lamenting the loss of all good things in life. In 2017, Broadcom (AVGO) announced plans to acquire Qualcomm and the stock quickly rose 30%, only to lose all those gains in early 2018 when the U.S. government failed to approve the merger. What typically happens after a stock surges like QCOM just did is that the stock will then pull back and rest before continuing a run-up. I would try to buy Qualcomm stock on a pullback to the low/mid-70s, but there’s no reason that a person with a multi-year investment horizon couldn’t profit from buying QCOM today. [more...]

6 Dem Senators Sell out Jewish Terror Victims to Restore Cash to Islamic Terrorists
By Daniel Greenfield

In 2002, Shmuel Waldman, an American from New Jersey, was shot while boarding a bus in Israel. The terrorist attack killed 2 people and left 40 injured. Among that 40 was Shmuel whose leg was blown apart, forcing him to undergo multiple surgical procedures, and leaving him suffering from PTSD. The terrorist who shot him was Said Ramadan, a “police officer” working for the terrorists who run the Palestinian Authority. The attack had been planned by senior Palestinian Authority officials and the Palestinian Authority viewed Ramadan as a hero. Waldman joined other victims of terrorism in a lawsuit against the terrorist group, which is funded by American taxpayers, under the Antiterrorism Act. [more...]

Pick Your Poison on Dems' Health Care Ideas
By Sally Pipes, President & CEO of the Pacific Research Institute

More than 100 House Democrats have signed onto a new bill from Washington Rep. Pramila Jayapal that would outlaw private insurance and force everyone into a government-run health plan. Some other Democrats are leery of Jayapal's bid for "Medicare for All." So, they've rolled out more "moderate" measures that would expand the existing Medicare program. Don't be fooled. Whether branded as Medicare for All or Medicare for More, the Democrats' health reform plans would yield the same thing — a government takeover of the American health care system. [more...]

Sri Lanka Leftist Fallout
By Christine Douglass-Williams

Australia’s “divisive rightwing senator” Fraser Anning has sparked controversy once again after blaming the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka on ‘Islamic populations creating violence’... The tweets mark the second time the politician has used a terror attack to comment on Islamic immigration, following similar statements made after the Christchurch mosque attacks last month. The Islamic jihad is very real and expansionary. The West is indeed engaged in a global defense against jihad forces and has not helped itself in this war by adopting policies of open-door immigration. [more...]

Obama Persecuted Christians
By David Horowitz

My new book, Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America exposes the growing persecution of Christians around the world and in the U.S. Former President Obama held a persecution campaign of Christians in the United States during his time in office. If you'll remember, Osama bin Laden, when he declared war on us, the war was declared against the land of the Jews and the Crusaders - the Crusaders being Christians. The Islamists enabled [him] in destroying the oldest Christian community in the world, in Iraq, by Barack Obama, who in his presidency domestically in America, carried on a campaign against Christians. [more...]

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