Tuesday, April 30, 2019

4-30-19 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Daniel Greenfield: The Passover Massacre and Anti-Semitism in America
2. Jeff Ferry: The U.S. is the World Leader in 5G, but...
3. Lowell Ponte: Biden as Presidential Candidate
4. James Hirsen: Trump Weathers the Democrat Subpoena Storm
5. David Horowitz: Omar Raises Money for Hamas

The Passover Massacre and Anti-Semitism in America
By Daniel Greenfield

A neo-Nazi wannabe killer came to a synagogue in a small California city with a rifle and big dreams of killing Jews. The quiet city where the gunman opened fire is over 2,700 miles away from the headquarters of the New York Times and Politico, but anti-Semitic conspiracy theories have a ubiquitous appeal for socialist fanatics, whether their role model is Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin. The killer's manifesto had expressed hatred not just for Jews, but for Trump as, “Zionist, Jew-loving.” Those were the same sentiments featured in an anti-Semitic cartoon in the New York Times of President Trump wearing a Jewish skullcap and being led around by a long-nosed dog with Prime Minister Netanyahu’s face in another convergence of alt-left and alt-right anti-Semitism. To Politico and to the gunman, a small synagogue in a small city was an outpost of the hidden empire of the Jewish conspiracy. To the alt-left media, a Chabad Rabbi might be the hidden link between Republicans and Moscow. To alt-righters like the gunman, it was a chain in a conspiracy of usury and war. To the New York Times, Politico and the Neo-Nazi killer, President Trump was just a dupe of the Jews. [more...]

The U.S. is the World Leader in 5G, but...
By Jeff Ferry

There is widespread concern in the U.S., ranging from cable TV shows right up to the White House, that the U.S. is losing the race for 5G wireless networks. The concern is right, but the analysis is wrong.  The U.S. is the world leader in 5G networks. We are missing just one piece: the systems integrator. A careful examination of the industry shows how strong our leadership is, and that it would not be hard for the U.S. to provide that one missing piece. Most people have little idea of what goes into a modern Internet network. Essentially, it consists of wireless transmitters and receivers in the cellphone, in a radio base station, larger devices at the base station to aggregate signals from hundreds or thousands of phones, and then devices to send those signals on an underground fiber-optic network back into the Internet. We must build out our own. It’s the supply chain, stupid! [more...]

Biden as Presidential Candidate
By Lowell Ponte

Obama chose Biden as his vice president "for being a dim-bulb lifelong government officeholder who seldom offended because he rarely did anything... a time-tested token white 'step-n-fetchit' without charisma or ideas..." Now that Biden seeks the presidency, Barack Obama refuses to endorse him. Biden desperately needs an exciting leftist vice presidential running mate to balance his ticket. He "needs to pick a running mate (Michelle Obama?) who enthuses the left without being seen as a radical one heartbeat from the presidency. Biden cannot win with an uncharismatic leftist VP, but to pick someone who shines brighter than he does risks becoming John McCain to a charismatic Sarah Palin. [more...]

Trump Weathers the Democrat Subpoena Storm
By James Hirsen

President Donald Trump is experienced in the art of litigation. As a successful real estate entrepreneur, he was able to acquire the skills necessary to maneuver the legal playing field in the rough and tumble Manhattan marketplace. The president has now made a strategic decision to litigate rather than comply with the attempt by Democrats to use their oversight powers to keep a discredited narrative alive. Recently, a significant change took place in the legal approach that the Trump White House adopted... [more...]

Omar Raises Money for Hamas
By David Horowitz

Somalian-American Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., is a terrorist. Terror is violence to further a political end and every terrorist organization has political helpers. The IRA had Sinn Fein, which was the political party. Ilhan Omar is raising money for Hamas. The Democratic Party, since the end of the Second World War, has been a party that's favored our enemies. That's just a fact. My new book, Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America exposes the growing persecution of Christians around the world and in the U.S. [more...]

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