Tuesday, May 14, 2019

5-14-19 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Michael Stumo: Tariffs are a Necessary Response to China's Intransigence
2. David Horowitz: Democrat Bigots Will Destroy the Country
3. Lowell Ponte: How to Enforce Ethics on Unethical Lawmakers
4. James Hirsen: Dem Presidential Candidates Compete for Hollywood Cash
5. Daniel Greenfield: Why Freedom of Speech Should Apply to Google, Facebook and the Internet

Tariffs are a Necessary Response to China's Intransigence
By Michael Stumo

Beijing has run roughshod over our economic well-being - and there are national security implications to rampant hacking

The talking heads at CNBC are panicked right now about the higher tariffs President Donald Trump just imposed on China. But we’ve heard their alarmism before, along with frightening economic predictions. Why the hysteria about China? The Trump administration just spent months negotiating a seven-chapter trade deal with Beijing. The resulting agreement was intended to address the very trade disputes that compelled the president to take a hard line on China in the first place: intellectual property theft, hacking of trade secrets, forced technology transfer, trade barriers, and currency manipulation. [more...]

Democrat Bigots Will Destroy the Country
By David Horowitz

At a graduation ceremony at Liberty University over the weekend, Vice President Mike Pence warned students that it has become “acceptable and even fashionable to ridicule and discriminate against people of faith,” and that they should “be prepared for persecution.” This was a gentle - one might say Christian - way of describing what has become an all-out war on believers. This war which I have described in my book Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America. This war got into high gear in the 1960s with the banning first of prayer and then of any reference to the Christian foundations of American democracy in the public schools. Once atheism became the only constitutionally protected religion, the war on Christianity became a central source of the political divisions that followed. [more...]

How to Enforce Ethics on Unethical Lawmakers
By Lowell Ponte

Democrats, having lost every previous attempt to destroy Trump, now plan more than a year of rigged hearings before not one, not two, but SIX committees in the House of Representatives. Republicans should play tit for tat by creating a special committee or two in the part of Congress that the GOP controls - the U.S. Senate. Their Senate committee(s) could use every tactic that House Democrats are planning - Stalinist "show trials" of the other party, subpoenas for Democrat tax and other personal records going back many years, questioning about the criminal role of the Democratic National Committee colluding with the Russians to invent the fake "Trump Dossier" used to justify wiretapping and spying on Trump and his people - in effect, letting one party weaponize the FBI and other intelligence agencies for use against the other political party. Republicans in these Senate hearings should question whether Democrats can be trusted with security clearances and even seats in Congress... [more...]

Dem Presidential Candidates Compete for Hollywood Cash
By James Hirsen

When it comes to campaign financing of Democrat presidential hopefuls, Hollywood’s ATM is open for business. One after another, Dem candidates have been heading west to make their withdrawals. While there, they typically try to grab a bit of stardust wherever it can be found. Former veep Joe Biden, mayor of South Bend, Indiana Pete Buttigieg, senator from California Kamala Harris, and senator from New Jersey Cory Booker have either already held Left Coast fundraisers or are in the process of scheduling them. [more...]

Why Freedom of Speech Should Apply to Google, Facebook and the Internet
By Daniel Greenfield

“But, it’s a private company.” It’s a familiar argument. Bring up the problem of Google, Facebook and Twitter suppressing conservative speech and many conservatives will retort that it’s a free market. The big dot com monopolies created their own companies, didn’t they? And we wouldn’t want government regulation of business. The talking point that Google, Facebook and Twitter are private companies that can discriminate as they please on their private platforms, and that the First Amendment doesn’t apply, is in the air everywhere. But it overlooks two very simple facts. [more...]

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