Tuesday, May 21, 2019

5-21-19 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Joseph P. Duggan: Terror Attacks on Saudi Oil Operations Expose the Folly of Rubio and Graham’s Moralism
2. Lowell Ponte: How About a 'Real Disadvantage' SAT Score?
3. James Hirsen: The Biden Masquerade
4. Sally Pipes: Deregulating Vaccines Saves More Lives
5. John LeBoutillier: Amash Advocates for Impeachment

Terror Attacks on Saudi Oil Operations Expose the Folly of Rubio and Graham’s Moralism
By Joseph P. Duggan

Tanker ships and the strategic pipeline of Aramco, the world's largest oil company, suffered terrorist attacks last week. Aramco has the monopoly on all Saudi Arabian oil production and is wholly owned by the Saudi government, the United States' most powerful ally in the Middle East. The attacks at sea and in the heart of Saudi Arabia coincide with the upcoming public release of President Trump's Arab-Israeli peace plan, for which Saudi Arabia and Israel already are signaling support. Iran or its allies are suspected of responsibility for the attacks. [more...]

How About a 'Real Disadvantage' SAT Score?
By Lowell Ponte

The SAT will now employ a secret score to show college admission officers if a student has been "privileged" or has been "disadvantaged." With the Supreme Court expected soon to prohibit racial preferences in college admissions, SAT is offering colleges a secret way to find out what students' races likely are. I suggest that fair, non-leftist universities should apply a different yardstick for measuring whether student applicants have overcome social disadvantage... one that determines which students have been "truly disadvantaged." [more...]

The Biden Masquerade
By James Hirsen

Biden’s latest campaign has come up with a fictional crisis, one of a “soulless” nation that is in need of fixing. His campaign is doing everything it can to avoid the simple fact that the Biden candidacy carries with it an enormous amount of baggage. The former senator and vice president happens to be the embodiment of establishment politics. In addition, he is an apologist for a massive federal bureaucracy. The third-time presidential hopeful has been in the political business for an astounding fifty years. He apparently believes that he is just the guy who will be able fix things, even things that over the last half century he helped to break in the first place. [more...]

Deregulating Vaccines Saves More Lives
By Sally Pipes, President & CEO of the Pacific Research Institute

Measles is making a comeback. As of May 17, there were over 800 reported cases of the disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That’s more than in any of the last four years. This uptick is dispiriting but shouldn’t be surprising. More and more people are deciding not to get their shots. In the past decade, the number of nonmedical vaccine exemptions for philosophical reasons has increased in 12 of the 18 states that allow them. [more...]

Amash Advocates for Impeachment
By John LeBoutillier

On the latest edition of REVOLUTION_The Podcast... we analyze the effects of the first GOP Member of Congress - Rep. Justin Amash - to advocate the impeachment of Donald Trump. Is Congressman Amash alone in his thinking or is he echoing what he hears in the GOP cloakroom? Will more GOP Members follow his lead? Is there a sense of exhaustion now creeping into the Trump presidency? Is some of the steam even coming out of his base? [more...]

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