Thursday, May 2, 2019

5-2-19 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Michael Stumo: Domestic Producers Tell Congress 'Hands Off' Section 232 Tariff Authority
2. Daniel Greenfield: An 8-Year Media Lie About How the Syrian War Started is Finally Exposed
3. Sally Pipes: Single-Payer Will Fracture Democrats' 2020 Coalition
4. Dawn Perlmutter: Anti-Semitic Symbolic Warfare
5. Adam Andrzejewski: Colleges Benefit from the Student Loan Crisis

Domestic Producers Tell Congress 'Hands Off' Section 232 Tariff Authority
By Michael Stumo

More than 50 different organizations have sent a letter to Congress opposing efforts to weaken a part of U.S. trade law known as Section 232. In 2018, the Trump administration imposed Section 232 tariffs against global overcapacity that was decimating America’s steel and aluminum sectors while threatening national security. The letter’s signatories, including individual companies and trade organizations in such diverse sectors as agriculture, textiles, tooling, and plastics, consider Section 232 to be a crucial part of U.S. trade law for all industries. Other countries have national strategies to develop their industries and to target the U.S. consumer market. These predatory strategies can negatively impact our national security. Threats like that can emerge, change, or evolve quickly. Future presidents should maintain the full flexibility, under Section 232, to assess and respond to these national, and even economic, security threats in a timely manner. [more...]

An 8-Year Media Lie About How the Syrian War Started is Finally Exposed
By Daniel Greenfield

The end of the big lie about the origins of the Syrian Civil War began on the Arizona border. Claas Relotius, a German reporter for Der Spiegel, had written a piece about being embedded with a militia patrolling the Arizona border for illegal migrants. Gullible German leftist readers were regaled with tales of the militia, whose leader called Mexicans "bean eaters" and, at the end of the article, opened fire into the night. It was one of a series of Relotius articles delving into Trump country with novelistic accounts of pro-Trump Americans that confirmed all the stereotypes of Der Spiegel’s readers. But the residents depicted in the Minnesota town in which ‘Where They Pray for Trump on Sundays’ is set quickly pointed out that much of the article was factually wrong and that Relotius had never even bothered talking to the people he claimed to have been writing about. And a woman doing media relations for the militia contacted Der Spiegel and informed the magazine that he had never been there. That was the beginning of the end. [more...]

Single-Payer Will Fracture Democrats' 2020 Coalition
By Sally Pipes, President & CEO of the Pacific Research Institute

Earlier this month, Senator Bernie Sanders released a new version of his plan for "Medicare for All." Four of his competitors for the Democratic presidential nomination - Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and Cory Booker - quickly signed on as co-sponsors. They all think Medicare for All is their ticket to the nomination, and ultimately the White House. It's not hard to see why. A recent Reuters survey found that 85 percent of Democrats, and even a slim majority of Republicans, are on board with a single-payer system. But public support for single-payer isn't as solid as it seems. Medicare for All could doom Democrats in the general election - and even fracture the Democratic coalition in 2020 and beyond. [more...]

Anti-Semitic Symbolic Warfare
By Dawn Perlmutter

Cartoons, words, images, symbols and gestures that individually seem trivial, collectively reveal a pattern of stealth anti-Semitism. These continual incidents are casually explained as anti-Semitic tropes. The use of the word 'trope' minimizes the threat, sounds like an unintended blunder and sugarcoats the covert agenda. These are not simply anti-Semitic tropes; they are symbolic warfare tactics used in global information operations that target America, Israel, Jews and Trump supporters. These tactics were successfully used by Hitler and subsequently adopted by Islamists. Symbolic language that evokes anti-Semitic conspiracy theories are skillfully being used by Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib and sanctioned by democrat apologists to incite hatred against Jews, Israel and President Trump. [more...]

Colleges Benefit from the Student Loan Crisis
By Adam Andrzejewski, Author of Operation Drain the Swamp

With university endowments in the $billions, why are our kids and taxpayers being saddled with an almost $2 TRILLION debt? While student loans are allowing even state schools to charge $50k a year, don’t rely on House Financial Services Chair #MaxineWaters to solve this crisis. But there are solutions. [more...]

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