Tuesday, September 10, 2019

9-10-19 Great Guests for Your Show

1. James Hirsen: Bernie Sanders Turns into Bernie Sanger
2. Lowell Ponte: Will America Soon Fall Like Ancient Rome?
3. Karen Kataline: "Climate Change" and Dorian
4. Crista Huff: The Current Financial Climate
5. Daniel Greenfield: Bernie Sanders Attends ISNA Convention with Islamists Who Backed Killing Gay People

Bernie Sanders Turns into Bernie Sanger
By James Hirsen

It was an eerie telling moment for Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. During CNN’s recent 7-hour climate change commercial, Sanders made it clear in a response to a question that if he’s the one who snags a White House seat in 2020, he will support the funding of population control measures in poverty stricken countries, measures that include the performing of abortions. [more...]

Will America Soon Fall Like Ancient Rome?
By Lowell Ponte

America will likely soon fall for many of the same reasons - loss of morals, loss of honest money, a flood of illegal immigrants, an internal civil war - that caused the decline and fall of ancient Rome, argues the October issue of The Atlantic magazine. But the fall of Rome was not so bad, writes James Fallows. It was replaced by castles and knights in shining armor, a more decentralized feudal society that led to our modern world. I offer three different observations... [more...]

"Climate Change" and Dorian
By Karen Kataline

I have often thought that the key to predicting, whether you are a liberal or a conservative, could be as easy as identifying what you fear most. Apart from the irresponsible, off-the-barometer fearmongering provoked constantly by the Left and which was on full display during the recent seven-hour “Climate Change Town Hall,” each of us decides what we will spend our time worrying about. We also must decide on the credibility and motives of such fearmongering.

The Current Financial Climate
By Crista Huff

The U.S. economy continues to chug along, as measured by a relatively uninterrupted stream of encouraging milestones: employment is at record levels; wages are rising; the Consumer Confidence Board’s Present Situation Index is now at its highest level in nearly 19 years; the Chicago Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) increased nicely in August; the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association’s (ELFA) Monthly Leasing and Finance Index reported that U.S. companies’ new business volume rose to $9.4 billion in July, up 15% from a year ago; used car prices are high; and both GDP and inflation are near 2.0%. [more...]

Bernie Sanders Attends ISNA Convention with Islamists Who Backed Killing Gay People
By Daniel Greenfield

What kind of presidential candidate would attend a convention featuring support for killing gay people? Either a very desperate candidate or an extremely radical candidate. When ISNA, an Islamic group accused of supporting terrorists, held its Evening with Presidential Candidates at a presidential forum for ISNACON 2019, the only two candidates who showed up were Julian Castro, who’s desperate enough to speak at a Pizza Hut or the Church of Satan, and Bernie Sanders, who keeps sinking to new lows. ISNA's former president who chairs its Fiqh Council, which dispenses Islamic sharia law, has assented to the death penalty for homosexuality. [more...]

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