Wednesday, September 25, 2019

9-25-19 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Christopher Markowski: Ukrainegate Nonsense
2. Jeff Ferry: Apple Staying in Texas Due to U.S. Tariff and Industrial Strategy
3. Rose Tennent: If Fracking is Banned, What Happens to Those Jobs?
4. Daniel Greenfield: Dems Want to Impeach Even if it Means Losing in 2020

Ukrainegate Nonsense
By Christopher Markowski

Do you think we should have the intelligent services listening in on the President of the United States when he's having conversations with other world leaders?  This is the definition of the Deep State. More information is coming out in regard to the "whistleblower" who doesn't even have firsthand knowledge. This idea that the president put military aide on hold because they wanted information on Joe Biden... the whole thing stinks to high heavens. Rasmussen put the president at 52% - even in the leftwing polls, the president is higher than Obama was at the same point in time.  Do you think these ongoing attacks (impeach, impeach, impeach) will work out for the Dems? As Clint Eastwood said, "Go ahead, make my day!" It's all another Fugazi Trump story! Ukrainegate nonsense. Climate change freak show. PT Barnum would be proud! The scams keep on coming. [more...]

Apple Staying in Texas Due to U.S. Tariff and Industrial Strategy
By Jeff Ferry

On Sept. 23rd, Apple announced that its Mac Pro computer will continue to be manufactured in Texas, rather than China, Taiwan, or southeast Asia, as the company was previously planning. The Mac Pro is currently the only Apple product assembled in the United States. This is good news for Austin, Texas, good news for Apple, and good news for the US technology industry. But most of all, it marks an important evolution in our tariff and industrial policy toward what I hope will be a new, higher level of sophistication.  In striking a deal with Apple, the Trump administration agreed to exclude a series of Mac Pro components from its China tariffs. These components were tariffed at 10 percent as of September 2018 (part of the so-called "List 3" tariffs). The tariff rate rose to 25 percent in May, and the rate is scheduled to rise further to 30 percent next month. [more...]

If Fracking is Banned, What Happens to Those Jobs?
By Rose Tennent

The "green" left spent more than a decade trying to turn fracking into a dirty word, and Pennsylvania was ground zero for this fight. They told us that if we allowed fracking to continue, we’d all be subsumed in earthquakes and our tap water would turn to flammable poison. But that hasn’t happened. We allowed responsible, modern natural gas development to go forward, allowing Pennsylvanians to take advantage of some of the world’s greatest shale gas reserves. The result has been an incredible boon to our state and our country.  [more...]

Dems Want to Impeach Even if it Means Losing in 2020
By Daniel Greenfield

Like two rabid dogs fighting over the same rotten bone, the Democrats are in the middle of a civil war over impeachment. The Democrat leadership wants to defeat President Trump by winning an election, but its leftist hard core will settle for nothing less than impeachment even if it means four more years. Impeachment polls badly with independents, would increase turnout among Republicans, and doesn’t even score well with Democrats. The impeachment obsession has led to the perception among a majority of voters that the House is focused on going after President Trump to the exclusion of all else. So why the unpopular impeachment push that can’t succeed because of the composition of the Senate? Voters don’t like impeachment because they want to be the ones to remove politicians from office. Pelosi is asking the Left to let the voters do that just in 2020. But for the Left, that’s exactly the point. [more...]

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