Friday, September 20, 2019

The Hypocrisy of Justin Trudeau

By Christine Douglass-Williams

Justin Trudeau’s latest mockery of visible minorities as he poses in blackface is telling, given that he is one of the biggest virtue signalers in the world. He has also stated that evangelical Christians are the worst part of Canadian society. The Trudeau government also erupted in scandal over the bullying of a native woman - former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould - over the SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal and prosecution. I can discuss: 1) the hypocrisy of Justin Trudeau; 2) the implications of his blackface; and 3) the hidden agenda behind virtue signallers like Trudeau and how they use and manipulate identity politics in anti-racism drives that wrongly target the very people who fight for equality for all. 

Christine Douglass Williams is author of the books: The Challenge of Modernizing Islam and "Fired by the Government of Canada for criticizing Islam: Canada, a weak link in the battle against Islamization." She was a federally appointed Director with The Canadian Race Relations Foundation under the former Conservative government of Canada but fired by the Trudeau government for criticizing political Islam. The reason given by the Trudeau government was that there was no place for "hate" and bigotry on a foundation that fights racism, despite the fact that political Islam is most intolerant and oppressive.

NOTE: Christine was a member of the Canadian race relations foundation and was fired by the Trudeau government for criticizing political Islam - and deemed to be a racist and an Islamophobe. But here is Trudeau mocking minorities in blackface, not to mention his verbalized disdain for evangelical Christians, referring to them as "the worst part of Canadian society." [more...]

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