Thursday, September 19, 2019

9-19-19 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Karen Kataline: Have Leftist Radicals Made it too Dangerous to #StandwithICE?
2. Daniel Greenfield: What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Gun Control
3. Joseph Duggan: Who Should Defend Saudi Arabia's Oil Interests from Iran?

Have Leftist Radicals Made it too Dangerous to #StandwithICE?
By Karen Kataline

When Leftist/Socialist agitators broke through barriers at an Aurora ICE detention center on July 12 and hoisted a Mexican flag, brought down an American flag, defaced a Thin Blue Line American flag and re-hung it upside down, their message was hardly subtle. Whether all of the participants knew it or not, this was symbolic of an act of conquest. We, of course, were expected not to be too offended by this. After all, it’s just the acting out of a few "crazies," right? There are two drastically different standards of behavior today. One, for law-abiders and the other for lawbreakers. Guess which one Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives consistently champion?

What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Gun Control
By Daniel Greenfield

In the prohibitionist and anti-prohibitionist discourse over gun control, the familiar choice between civil rights and mass death dominates the debate. It’s the same framework that the Left rejects when it comes to crime and national security but embraces on the issues of environmentalism and guns. Guns do kill people in the same purely mechanistic sense in which alcohol, drugs, or rat poison do. But guns are a means, not a motive. They don’t explain why gun violence happens, only how it happens. Above the object level is the individual level. Guns don’t really kill people; killers do. [more...]

Who Should Defend Saudi Arabia's Oil Interests from Iran?
By Joseph Duggan

A few days ago, more than 50 percent of the crude oil supply capability of the world’s largest oil exporter - also the top energy supplier of a certain major industrial nation - was attacked and taken offline. The likely perpetrator is an outlaw state already under economic sanctions imposed by the civilized world. Is it time for this great industrial nation to wage a military attack on the presumed culprit? Before assuming this question applies to the United States, let’s realize that the United States does not depend any longer on any foreign country for its oil supplies. Because of the complexity of global economics, it is still useful for the United States to import large quantities of crude oil - including some imports from Saudi Arabia - but today the U.S. exports much more crude oil than it imports. A few years ago, a huge component of the U.S. trade deficit was from importation of oil. Today, exports of oil from the U.S. actually mitigate our overall trade deficit. [more...]

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