Friday, July 17, 2020

7-17-20 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Karen Kataline: Complying with Tyranny on Masks Will Bring on More Tyranny
2. Daniel Greenfield: The Minority Victims of Whitenessphobia
3. David Horowitz's 'Blitz' #13 on NY Times Bestseller List
4. Patrick Wood: Radical Political Mask Mandates
5. Dr. Jerome Corsi: Trump Making Bold New Changes

Complying with Tyranny on Masks Will Bring on More Tyranny
The left has sprinted past what we previously thought was a line in the sand between personal freedom and forced state dictates for personal behavior. The breach of that boundary has led to numerous other fundamental rights crumbling to dust along with our historical monuments. There is still time to restore those boundaries and our rights but only if we start telling the truth en masse and defying unjust edicts from lawless lawmakers. [more...]

The Minority Victims of Whitenessphobia

African albinos, Hindu gods, and Chinese architects. These three things and about three million others have been accused of suffering from a plague of whiteness.  The colonists of Salem saw witches everywhere and the modern racist witch hunters see ‘whiteness’ everywhere they look. Whitenessphobia may be the great mental illness of our time. To Whitenessphobes, everything has a “whiteness” problem. [more...]

David Horowitz's 'Blitz' #13 on NY Times Bestseller List

Boosted by recent public endorsements from conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh and President Donald Trump, David Horowitz's latest book, "BLITZ," has climbed onto the most recent New York Times bestseller list. BLITZ: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win appeared at No. 14 on The Times' nonfiction print hardcover list. During the same week Bookscan reports that "BLITZ" outsold six titles on The Times list with higher rankings. Publisher's Weekly listed "BLITZ" in its top 10 bestsellers, and the book has already been a number one Amazon bestseller.

Radical Political Mask Mandates

Many Americans realize that the radical political mandates to wear face masks and practice social distancing are egregious violations of the First Amendment. A large chunk of Americans simply cannot wear face masks because of pre-existing health conditions. Others believe that face masks pose a serious risk to their health and do not believe the government has any authority to force such harm upon them. More importantly, face masks and social distancing grossly impede our right to free speech and peaceable assembly. Now is the time to draw the line in the sand and say NO MORE! [more...]

Trump Making Bold New Changes

President Trump is making bold and correct changes to ensure he wins re-election. The president has promoted Bill Septien to run his re-election campaign after Jared Kushner’s top pick Brad Parscale failed to realize Communist Chinese bots, BLM, and other nefarious forces were punking the campaign by gobbling up rally tickets and using other dirty tricks. Is it possible that any day now General Flynn will be released from his political prison and re-join the administration? If Vice President Mike Pence does not quickly and strongly affirm his allegiance to the president, it would be prudent for President Trump to replace Pence with Flynn as the VP for the 2020 Republican ticket. [more...]

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