Tuesday, July 28, 2020

7-28-20 Great Guests for Your Show

1. David Horowitz: Trump Will Win Because Our Cities are Burning
2. Lawrence W. Reed: Why Some Wrongly Think Jesus Favors Socialism
3. James Hirsen: The Day Baseball Died
4. Dr. Steve Turley: Black Lives Matter Murals Erased and Defaced as Riots Backfire on Democrats
5. Karen Kataline: Socialists are Determined to Turn Us into Cardboard People
6. Lowell Ponte: Joe Biden Panders to Both Islam and China

Trump Will Win Because Our Cities are Burning

National polls showing Joe Biden leading in the 2020 presidential race don't show the full picture and that voters will re-elect President Donald Trump because our cities are burning. Citizens of America are living in fear. People are afraid to say what they think; they’re afraid to tell pollsters how they’re going to vote because people have had their careers wrecked and ruined. The polls may be skewed because of a rigged media. It's a disgrace. It's never been this bad... not in my lifetime has the media been so dishonest, so why wouldn’t the pollsters be dishonest? According to a Quinnipiac national poll, Biden holds a double-digit lead over Trump and by 8.1 points in a RealClearPolitics moving average of national polls. [more...]

Why Some Wrongly Think Jesus Favors Socialism

Economist and author Lawrence W. Reed is pushing back against arguments that Jesus was a "socialist" and refuted the ideas of Christian socialism while speaking with conservative Christian radio host Eric Metaxas. Reed, president emeritus of the Foundation for Economic Education, authored the June 2020 book Was Jesus a Socialist?: Why This Question Is Being Asked Again, and Why the Answer Is Almost Always Wrong. He pushed back against those that blend the ideas of Christianity with left-wing economic policies that tend to focus on higher taxation and more welfare benefits for the underserved populations. [more...]

The Day Baseball Died

For those of us who are into baseball, the past few months of lockdown purgatory have relegated us to watching reruns of old little league games as we looked forward to the opening of the season. In no way could we have ever been prepared for what we were about to witness on that surreal July 2020 start date. Pre-game ceremonies force-fed us a political menu. The emotionally charged images included a video featuring the voice of famed Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman, which popped up on our TV screens to deliver a social justice message. With what must have been a collective look of shock and awe on our faces, at that solemn moment when the notes of the national anthem wafted through the air, players all over the place did the unthinkable - they took a knee. If that wasn’t bad enough, here’s a short list of things that twisted America’s favorite pastime into a major league pretzel: [more...]

Black Lives Matter Murals Erased and Defaced as Riots Backfire on Democrats

We're seeing a major trend arise throughout the nation: the defacing and erasing of BLM murals. The latest example comes from Redwood City in the Bay Area in California. A Redwood City resident got permission from city officials to paint a 'Black Lives Matter' sign on their Broadway street; in fact, the city even supplied the paint! And so, another city resident, a Trump-supporting real estate attorney named Maria Rutenberg, realized that if her street has become a public forum, then why can't she paint a sign right next to the BLM sign reading 'MAGA 2020?' And so, she went to her city officials and requested to paint the sign, but rather than grant her request, the city officials just decided to erase the BLM sign. They actually removed it in the middle of the night so as not to provoke any protest. [more...]

Socialists are Determined to Turn Us into Cardboard People

Major League Baseball has begun their season with cardboard people in the stands, fake crowd noise and the illusion that all of this is perfectly reasonable. Maybe it's apropos for an abnormal year in which people with common sense are being forced to accept the unacceptable - that crime is justice, self-defense is a crime and people are "safer" and better off when they are being told what to do and how to live by their "betters." All of this just happens to be made possible by manufactured hysteria about a 99.8% non-lethal virus and reinforced by a fake news media. Power-mad politicians expect us to accept the destruction of a prosperous and free country and that socialism and communism are preferable and "compassionate." Did anybody "vote" for America becoming a communist country? People never do. [more...]

Joe Biden Panders to Both Islam and China

Joe Biden has been endorsed by Engage Action, America's largest Muslim Political Action Committee, which in 2019 received $1 million from radical billionaire George Soros. "I wish we taught more in our schools about the Muslim faith," Biden told them. But surely he knows that the federal Department of Education already pushes a 5th-12th grade education lesson plan that has American children reading The Quran and Muslim prayers. Do not hold your breath waiting for a President Biden to protect the world's largest group of persecuted Muslims - more than a million Chinese Uyghur Muslims held in concentration camps and sold as slave laborers by China to make products for Apple, Nike, and other companies. Trouble is, Biden is one of China's slaves, a wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing ever since his son Hunter accepted $1.5 billion in investment money. As President, Biden could be blackmailed and controlled by what China knows of the details of this secret deal. We know that Biden is certainly too dangerous to be America's president. [more...]

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