Tuesday, July 21, 2020

7-21-20 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Dr. Jerome Corsi: Trump Takes Control
2. James Hirsen: Antonio Sabato, Jr. Launches a Conservative Movie Studio
3. Charlie Winn: Is There Science Behind Their Decisions?
4. Karen Kataline: Why Leftists Want to Take Away Your Guns
5. Daniel Greenfield: Democrats Destroyed New York Once... They're Doing it Again
6. Lowell Ponte: The Dems' 'Fundamental Transformation' Killing Old-fashioned Liberalism

Trump Takes Control

President Trump must take bold and immediate action to save his presidency and the United States. The forces of darkness have aligned in an unprecedented and evil manner to take out Trump and to take the U.S. down through any means they deem necessary regardless how violent and repressive they need to be. Democrats have tipped their hand that they intend to use massive voter fraud to ensure they prevail, and are setting up the narrative that if they are able to steal the election, if President Trump resists their coup, they will have him arrested and removed from the White House. An alternative to the current state of Internet tyranny against Conservatives is required immediately and Corsi Nation is working on a solution to be launched hopefully within a few weeks. In the meantime, stay strong, and pray for the preservation of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, President Trump, and freedom itself. [more...]

Antonio Sabato, Jr. Launches a Conservative Movie Studio

Actor Antonio Sabato, Jr. has come to the conclusion that conservative creatives need an alternative place to make the kind of movies and other entertainment product that are now banned by uber-woke Hollywood. In a recent post on his Twitter account, Sabato revealed his plans for an alternative entertainment company. "We are putting together a plan to create a conservative movie studio for all patriots to do projects that Hollywood would never do," Sabato wrote. "No more blacklisting and no more injustice from the socialist elites." A follow-up tweet indicated that Sabato's studio offered an oasis for conservative filmmakers to join in with the studio's new film and mission. [more...]

Is There Science Behind Their Decisions?

Because of the seriousness of a pandemic, it is important that the citizenry be able to trust the government. As I look at the science, I'm concerned about the justification of the recent actions and if there is any science behind these decisions. In a recent paper in the British Medical Journal, it is pointed out that in a study of 149 countries, there was an estimated 13% decrease in the incidence of COVID with lockdowns, restrictions on mass gatherings, workplace closures and school closures. While not a large "flattening of the curve," it did help in certain areas of this country, specifically the northeast, and it was important to prevent the overloading of healthcare resources. But the issue of continued closures given the significant cost to all the citizens, is more problematic. And the mask mandate is even more problematic. I could only find one study that "suggested" that wearing masks can slow the spread by 0.9% to 2%. Our leaders must be honest with us and we must question the basis of their decisions. [more...]

Why Leftists Want to Take Away Your Guns
Are we living in an alternate universe?  Yes, we are... one that Leftist/Communists want to make for all of us where lawlessness is rewarded and lawfulness is punished. Remember when gun rights activists were mocked as being conspiracy theorists when they exposed those who wanted to take away their right to defend themselves? Only people who mean you harm want to disarm you. Most stunning of all are the number of people who still believe the explanations Leftists give for their incomprehensible actions. Their actions continue to expose their motives now for all to see. [more...]

Democrats Destroyed New York Once... They're Doing it Again

"I promised then that we would restore City Hall Park to the beauty that it had in the 19th century, so that it could symbolize the regeneration, the rebirth, the reinvention of the city of New York," Giuliani said, calling it a "a final gift from the 20th century to New Yorkers of the 21st." Now, garbage and filth are spread out everywhere, along with posters of George Floyd and BLM graffiti. The gift has been rejected by the radicals and racists who have taken over New York and hate beauty. The sidewalks have been defaced, everything is covered in graffiti, and the sacred ground over which the grass lies is littered with tents, sleeping bags, and soiled with worse things by Occupy City Hall. The walls of the beautiful Surrogate's Courthouse's building, a Beaux Arts confection inspired by the Paris Opera, have been covered in hateful Black Lives Matter slogans, including "Kill Pigs," and if you stop by at the right time, you can see a dummy in a police uniform and a pig mask being hung. [more...]

The Dems' 'Fundamental Transformation' Killing Old-fashioned Liberalism

Democrats abandoned the working class long ago, depending instead on buying votes of welfare dependents and government employees with ever-more taxpayer money. Democrats have always used racial polarization, hate and fear, but 14-21% of recently polled African Americans are rejecting Democratic leftist-manipulated senile sock puppet Joe Biden. If leftist-controlled Democrats win in 2020, liberal America dies. [more...]

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