Tuesday, July 7, 2020

7-7-20 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Brent Magnussen: Are You Sheep?
2. Dr. Jerome Corsi: Exposing the Black Lives Matter Charity Scam
3. John M. Ellis: Campus Culture Seizes the Streets
4. Antony Davies: America Needs to Remember its Founding Principles
5. Lawrence W. Reed: Jesus Was No Socialist
6. James Hirsen: An Election Worth Fighting For

Are You Sheep?
By Brent Magnussen

Roughly eighty percent of the population are sheep: normal, everyday folks who try not to think about all the bad and evil stuff in the world and just go about their lives hoping everything will be okay. Then you have the ten percent of the population that are wolves. These are the bad guys: the rapists, child molesters, kidnappers, murderers, sex traffickers, big pharma, and way too many politicians. They are the ones who want to control, terrorize, and kill the sheep. And finally, you have the sheepdog who is the protector. Just one sheepdog can protect an entire herd of helpless sheep. Think long and hard about the sheep, the wolf, and the sheepdog and how it translates into your current circle of influence. Are you running around with a bunch of sheep, going through the motions and just getting through life? Are you hanging out with wolves, hurting innocent people and doing no good? Or, are you friends with sheepdogs, who hold you accountable and expect greatness and consistency out of you? Whatever the case, I hope this gets you thinking about who you surround yourself with, and maybe, who you want to surround yourself with in the future. [more...]

Exposing the Black Lives Matter Charity Scam
By Dr. Jerome Corsi

How BLM Launders Money

The New York Times' recent article "Racial Justice Groups Flooded with Millions in Donations in Wake of Floyd Death" covers the torrent of donations flowing into the Black Lives Matter movement with ActBlue as a major facilitator. ActBlue reported in May that it processed a record $177.9 million in monthly donations, which resulted in a 180% increase over 2019 - an unprecedented amount of charitable and political donations thanks to the Black Lives Matter hyper-activism. Charitable giving should focus on redressing the damage done to the victims because of the rioters looting and destroying property. Unfortunately, many hustlers will take advantage of the public's goodwill to solicit for a fictitious charity, accept donations not intended for its purposes, or promote antisocial behavior. [more...]

Campus Culture Seizes the Streets
By John M. Ellis

Taxpayers, parents and donors need to save higher education from activists who claim to be scholars.

How did radical ideas like abolishing or defunding the police move from the fringes to official policy seemingly overnight in cities like Minneapolis, Los Angeles and New York? And after George Floyd’s killing by police touched off protests, why did so many prominent journalists and intellectuals rationalize looting and violence? For an answer, look to the nation’s politicized college campuses. Read Prof. Ellis's new book: The Breakdown of Higher Education: How It Happened, the Damage It Does, and What Can Be Done. [more...]

America Needs to Remember its Founding Principles
By Antony Davies

It’s not fashionable these days to remember the birth of the United States some 244 years ago in Philadelphia. Instead, we fixate on mobs laying waste to statues, blameworthy Confederates and praiseworthy abolitionists alike. Getting all the facts straight doesn't seem to matter anymore. Those too genteel to topple statues busy themselves with the intellectual equivalent: passing judgment from behind their keyboards over who should be expunged from American history, and who is clean enough by 21st-century standards to remain in the public’s good graces. Given the public’s recent trouble with the finer points of American history, a refresher course on the document that birthed a nation is in order. Read Antony Davies and his co-author's new book: COOPERATION AND COERCION: How Busybodies Became Busybullies and What That Means for Economics and Politics. [more...]

Jesus Was No Socialist
By Lawrence W. Reed

As I explain in my new book Was Jesus a Socialist? - socialism is making a big comeback. Antifa, a radical collection of communists and socialists, is attracting headlines everywhere. Membership in the Democratic Socialists of America has soared in recent months, according to The Atlantic. A poll last year showed that 70 percent of millennials said they’d vote for a socialist for president. And as socialism has come back into vogue, more and more of its champions are trotting out a favorite talking point: Jesus was a socialist. This claim is dead wrong. [more...]

An Election Worth Fighting For
By James Hirsen

After what our country has witnessed of late in many Democrat-run cities and states, these categories of crime may have a great deal of relevance to the upcoming elections. In 1993, New Yorkers were not about to become victims, and this led to an unexpected, and very much welcomed, victory for Rudy Giuliani. We are about to find out in four months if Americans in 2020 are in the same New York state of mind. May this be the election that proves the America that we know and love is so worth fighting for. [more...]

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