Monday, November 16, 2020

11-17-20 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Karen Kataline: Virulent Left Know No Boundaries

2. James Hirsen: The Ultimate Remedy for Countering Presidential Election Fraud

3. Patrick Wood: No Masks for Kids

4. Cheryl Chumley: Civil Disobedience is the Solution for This COVID-19 Madness

5. Robert Curry: "We Hold These Truths..."

6. Daniel Greenfield: Biden - Career Failer

Virulent Left Know No Boundaries

By Karen Kataline

As we await the evidence to accompany reports of widespread, systemic voter fraud in this election, we continue to watch endless propaganda that seems more out of touch than ever. We have come to expect the "legacy media" to either ignore the story or blur the boundaries between perpetrator and victim - that has become commonplace. Boundaries are among the greatest enemies of this virulent Left. Without them, comes a reordering and a complete reversal in discerning the difference between the criminal and the law-abiding, structure and chaos, truth and fiction, and most of all, right and wrong. [more...]

The Ultimate Remedy for Countering Presidential Election Fraud

By James Hirsen

Despite repetitive denials emanating from a multitude of Democrat and media sources, it is clear that there has been unprecedented and widespread voter fraud as it relates to the all-important 2020 presidential election. Although several lawsuits have been filed and are in the process of being adjudicated, the ultimate antidote for the toxin that has infected our electoral system does not rest in a state or federal judiciary. Instead it rests in the state legislature. Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution contains clear and precise language. It spells out the following: [more...]

No Masks for Kids

By Patrick Wood

Do you have children in school who are being forced to wear a mask during school activities? Do you have a firsthand health incident to share as a result of wearing a mask (e.g., fatigue, rash, depression, shortness of breath, fainting, etc.)? If so, you are invited to tell us your story. Share your incident here. [more...]

Civil Disobedience is the Solution for This COVID-19 Madness

By Cheryl Chumley

The longer this coronavirus madness goes on, the more apparent it becomes: civil disobedience and only civil disobedience will rein in the madness. My new book, Socialists Don’t Sleep: Christians Must Rise or America Will Fall, offers words of wisdom to keep America from the grasp of the socialists and tyrants who are taking away your constitutional rights. [more...]

"We Hold These Truths..."

By Robert Curry, author of Reclaiming Common Sense

In the Founders' day, declaring the self-evident truth that all men are created equal was a rebuke to monarchs everywhere. Today, America's founding truth is a rebuke to tyrants everywhere - in China, in Iran, and everywhere rulers oppress their people and crush dissent. It is also a rebuke to Americans on the Left who are keen to tear down the system of governance that is the magnificent gift of the Founders - and a reminder that we must follow the Founders' example in our time by holding to those self-evident truths and resisting those who would return us to the world of rulers and ruled. [more...]

Biden - Career Failer

By Daniel Greenfield

Obama decided to make Biden his number two, not because he liked him, but because he held the old white male politician in contempt. The final insult came when Obama picked Hillary to succeed him while offering Biden a Rose Garden press conference for his ego. During the primaries, Biden was forced to pretend he had asked Obama not to endorse him. The fact is Joe Biden is a failer and he's always been one. His career comes down to political grease and dumb luck. There has never been anyone at this position who has not accomplished a single thing except being in the right place at the right time, before invariably screwing it up. Biden got into the Senate, and it didn't take him long to become a national laughingstock, confining his career prospects to Delaware for a generation. Obama plucked him from obscurity, and Biden messed that up, getting dumped for Hillary. Now that he’s calling himself president-elect, the one thing to remember is that Biden always messes it up in the end. [more...]

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