Tuesday, November 24, 2020

11-24-20 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Andrew Pollack: You're Better Informed if You Ignore the News Media

2. Karen Kataline: DNC Member Suggests 'Deprogramming' 75 million Trump Supporters

3. James Hirsen: Dark Night of the Soul for America

4. Cheryl Chumley: Teachers' Unions Continue to Abuse Children

5. Lowell Ponte: The Great Reset - What Our Globalist Overlords Are Planning

You're Better Informed if You Ignore the News Media

By Andrew Pollack, President of the Crime Prevention Research Center

No matter the outcome of President Trump’s legal efforts to expose voter fraud, we should all take a step back and reflect on how remarkable it is that more than 73 million Americans voted for him. After four years of Donald Trump’s presidency, half of America has awakened to the fact that journalists are simply lying liberal political activists with bylines. They didn't vote for Trump despite all of these allegations. They voted for him because they assumed – correctly – that they were all lies. [more...]

DNC Member Suggests 'Deprogramming' 75 million Trump Supporters

By Karen Kataline

Every camera phone these days has a feature that can flip the focus from "selfie" to the outside world for a more conventional shot - all of it done with a quick touch to our screen. That's as good a high-tech explanation as any, of projection in the psychological sense. Apart from deliberate projection, which is regularly used as a political tactic as per Saul Alinsky, there is the more classic and unconscious projection that happens among true believers of the same ilk. Take a look at what happens when one of those believers is caught telling the truth about what he'd like to do to Trump voters. [more...]

Dark Night of the Soul for America

By James Hirsen

Half the population is being told to reject what they saw with their own eyes, heard with their own ears, and know in their own hearts - that on election night, the vote counting of several states was halted, with no explanation given. When it once again commenced, suddenly there were massive quantities of votes that came in for the Democratic presidential candidate. Then, while feebly calling for unity, the Democratic candidate established a sham entity that his campaign called "the office of president-elect." And the same people who spread false information about Russia-gate and Ukraine-gate are now urging folks to move on, claiming that there is nothing to investigate and that the American people should graciously accept their candidate of choice. That all of this might make the almost 74 million voters and supporters of President Donald Trump feel less than hopeful is an understatement. [more...]

Teachers' Unions Continue to Abuse Children

By Cheryl Chumley

Defying coronavirus science, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance, and common sense about where this dangerous path will lead, the chiefs of teachers’ unions continue to call for the closing of America’s schools and the continuance of home-based online teaching of students. These people are the whispered incoming secretaries for a Joe Biden Department of Education? My new book, Socialists Don’t Sleep: Christians Must Rise or America Will Fall, offers words of wisdom to keep America from the grasp of the socialists and tyrants who are taking away your constitutional rights. [more...]

The Great Reset - What Our Globalist Overlords Are Planning

By Lowell Ponte

Leftists in and out of mainstream media who have hijacked the Democratic Party have fabricated a fake narrative of Trump as evil and then came to believe their own dishonest propaganda. Surely, they assumed, everyone hates Trump as much as they do. Leftists discovered on election night that 68 million [now 70 million] Americans, including 26% of non-white voters, love Donald Trump. Despite 93% negative news stories about Trump, Americans did not "repudiate" the president's America First, pro-capitalism, pro-individualism policies. Americans on Election Day voted to reelect Trump and "repudiate" the extremism and hate-filled politics of today's deranged Democratic Party. [more...]

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